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There is nothing more special on this earth than recognizing that you are a goddess and that you deserve much more than just living. You deserve to live the best life possible and live it in style and comfort. A Goddess is a woman who is greatly loved and admired. She is a woman whose great charm or beauty arouses adoration. And that’s the girl we refer to in this style fashion blog.

A goddess has her own celestial heaven: This heaven is her life and the people that come in close contact with her. The Queen makes the rules on who stays and who goes depending on their behavior in her Queendom. While male ruler ship can be forceful or aggressive, feminine power is about being firm and assertive and ruling with delicacy. The Goddesses way is not to demand power but to command it.

In your life there will be people that will defile your rulership, force themselves and their toxicity on you. But remember, it’s your house, it’s your Queendom. A Queen sets boundaries on personal and professional relationships to get the best out of these relations. And she does things because she feels guided to, not because she feels obligated or guilty. Only allow those people that are willing to obey your rules to live in your Celestial Heaven. Those that can’t respect the queens wishes don’t deserve a spot at the Queens table.

A Goddess has nothing to fear: She is protected by the confidence that she has in herself. She radiates this aura, ‘you are lucky to have me as your woman’. In fact, you are so lucky that if you ever lost me you might never be this lucky again in your entire lifetime’(LOL Ques Beyoncé – Don’t Hurt Yourself) . Confidence is the surety that something positive will happen. Confidence is knowing your value and being able to show and explain it to the next person. Goddesses don’t downplay themselves nor take themselves for granted and that’s what makes people adore them.

A Goddess always looks the part; When i was decided on this style fashion blog I imagined wearing this maroon skirt with the Greek inspired detail on the front way before I actually put it on. I thought of Olympea the perfume by Paco Rabanne and Olympia the place. They both inspire so much POWER! There is this thing about Olympia – A rural sanctuary site in the western Peloponnesus in ancient Greece where the original Olympic Games first took place. Primarily as part of a religious festival in honor of Zeus, the father of the Greek gods and goddesses.

Greek Goddesses are not always depicted in the exact same outfit and Many have a signature style which makes them recognizable, perfect for this style fashion blog. For example, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and a symbol of feminine beauty. She is always depicted as a beautiful young woman wearing very elegantly draped clothing and jewelry. The clothing was made of simple but strong brightly coloured fabrics and trimmed with a pattern. The outfits were made with lightweight and loosely fitting cloth which reached the floor for women and the knee for men.

Wearing the best and looking the part is a must for a goddess especially featured on a style fashion blog. Clean cut, fine lined, textured and sexy was the inspiration for this winter shoot. I chose the thrilling maroon skirt with the remarkable resemblance to what the Spartan women wore in the movie 300. I paired it with a stripped but classy brown and mustard crop top for the magic and added the plaid jacket for warmth.

A goddess doesn’t go looking for a god; the same way queens don’t go looking for kings. In the famous words of Rihanna when asked, what do you look for in a man, she responded by saying, ‘First of all… I don’t look for men’. In other words, she meant, ‘men look for me’. Her thoughts on men do not end by who goes chasing who. She adds in another interview the kind of man she would accept in her life. ‘When a man is afraid of being a man, now that’s an issue‘, she says. ‘They think that being a man is actually being a pussy, that if you take a chair out for a lady, or you are nice and affectionate to your girl in front of your boys, you are less of a man. It’s so sick’, the Goddess Rihanna concluded.

A true goddess will wait until a real god comes along while she is living her live. A Queen gets her castle in order, she keeps on slaying, she keeps on working, taking care of herself and never doubting anything that she does. Whatever she needs she works hard for it, whatever she wants she receives. That’s how one becomes a reigning, slaying and living goddess, by believing in yourself and knowing your worth and more.




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