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Beauty is relative but the effects of beauty are international. When people see beauty, however relative it is, there is a universal positive reaction. Because beauty is different from person to person and from culture to culture I can only give beauty tips with the aim to be incorporated in whatever way suits the taker of the beauty tips.

I have since January used a number of makeup brands and gotten a huge amount of makeup tips along the way. I was supposed to have shared with you guys this post two days ago already but I haven’t been motivated. In a nut shell, I haven’t been feeling too well. As some of you know any type of sickness, be it mental or physical can put a strain on day to day activities and even planned meetings and events.

Its been an interesting year for me, as 2016 comes to a close. But what I want to focus on in this particular Beauty post is… some of the beauty tips that I have acquired along the way. Not just this year but over the last couple of year. 

  1. Now this particular beauty tip I learned about it less than 24 hours ago from the lovely Queen of Brows Unaiza from @theBrowBar. She taught me that when you want to exfoliate your brows all you need to do is thread them. Awesome right???!!! Yep. I know that we exfoliate the whole face at one time with sugar scrubs, rooibos scrubs and other brand scrubs but exfoliating different parts of the face makes those different parts of the face stand out. It’s not recommended to exfoliate lips, for instance, with the same products for the skin.
  1. When you want your lips to be more kissable. And yes… ALL of us want that, male and female. Our lips can lose luster by simple things like not drinking enough water which can leave girls lips feeling and looking like a cave man’s lips and that’s not cute. Beauty tips for getting beautiful kissable lips include;
  • In the shower or at the sink, wet your face and lips with water. Make your own sugar lip scrub . Apply oil or butter based lip balm with at least SPF 15 during the day, apply moisturizing lipstick or gloss, avoid over-drying MATTE lipsticks, void licking your lips, moisturize your lips overnight with a lip treatment and drink lots of water.
  1.  There are tons of beauty tips that show how one can enhance the shape of your eyes or make your eyes look bigger. My favorite one is by using eye shadow: When you want your eyes to look bigger apply a lighter eye shadow towards the inner corner of your eye lids then apply the darker shadow towards the outer half of the eye lids. This gives the illusion of big eyes, especially if your eyes are small. But small eyes are pretty as well. These beauty tips are just to be used if you really want to achieve that specific look.

1.. Now this is my favorite beauty tip to date. You know when you are wearing bright pink or red lipstick then you meet up with your boyfriend but he is reluctant to kiss you because he doesn’t want to get lipstick on his cheeks and shirt and face etc? Yep.. You can wear a lip stain. The one I love wearing is from the body shop. And you can get yours HERE. Highly recommended. I also sometimes use the Revlon Crayons. My fave is colour 025.

  1. Last but not least. As I said early I wasn’t feeling too well over the weekend. It got so bad that I went out of my way to hide the bags under my eyes caused by all the fatigue and reminiscing on the year gone and the worry that I’m getting older #TOUCHE. So to REMOVE these PRADA bags under my eyes I’ve been wearing concealer religiously. It has helped me get out of the house on days when I felt I couldn’t face the world. LOL NoPun. The concealer ive been using is from LA GIRL.

I haven’t put images of the products I’ve been using but they are on my face. I’ve linked most above but if you not sure where to get them in SOUTH AFRICA, leave a comment and ill respond.

Hope this helps and thanks once more for the read.

Love you!!!



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