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Its been a while since I last did a beauty post so I decided to review two of some of my favorite brands . The Feature this week is RIMMEL LONDON and L’occitane. I’ve used more than 60 % RIMMEL LONDON on my face and below is a breakdown of what’s what.

Get the London Look as you enjoy the Review

  1. Eye Lashes: The Mascara I used to create this look is the RIMMEL London Extra 3D LASH. It is the black one with the green and white packaging. I found that it actually extends the lashes, giving them an illusion of volume without clamping them up. I also have the WONDERFUL Mascara with ARGON OIL (the Bronze one). I’m not too much of a fan of this mascara because it tends to clamp lashes together. We all have different kinds of lashes so maybe this one will work for you. I love that it has ARGON OIL thought which means your lashes will not be dry.Then there is the SCANDALOUS eyes mascara with ROCKING CURVE (curls the lashes). My lashes are already curly so using this one doesn’t really make a difference. This mascara is perfect for those who have ‘straight’ lashes and need to use eye lash curlers.
  2. Eye Line: Finished off my eyes with the RIMMEL LONDON EXXAGERATE eye liner that made my eyes pop.
  3. Lips: Used the RIMMEL LONDON provocalips. It is a 16 hour Kiss proof lip colour. I don’t known about the ‘kiss proof’ but I do know that you apply the darker shade first which is step 1 then the see through LIP LOCK AND SHINE which is step 2. I used the burgundy shade but added pink blush to make it matte. I did, however, have a hard time getting the lip gloss off my lips after the shoot, verifying why they call it lip LOCK AND SHINE.
  4. Brows: RIMMEL LONDON brow styling gel and brow sculpting kit was seriously designed in makeup heaven. I recommend this product for perfect eye brows. I start with the gel, followed by the kit, the eye brow liner for shape then finish off with a bit of concealer at the beginning of my brows so that they look natural.
  5. My last beauty must have is the L’occitane – Jasmin, Bergamonte- Body Milk. This body moisturizer smells too fresh with hints of wild flowers. I got the set which consists of
  • Verveine Cooling hand cream. This reminded me of Vampire Diaries lol
  • Shower Oil
  • Relaxing Pillow Mist ( You spray a little on your pillow before bed which apparently helps you sleep)

You should get yours too or at least try it.





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  1. Karen says:

    GORGEOUS! !!!

  2. Gigi says:

    These are breathtaking images. Well done.
    You are one beautiful lady.

    1. Thank you GigI 🙂

  3. SASS says:

    Gigi brought me here.These are awesome! My fav is Wonderful mascara 😛

    Shall We Sasa

  4. SASS says:

    Gigi brought me here.These are awesome! My fave is Wonderful mascara 😛

    Shall We Sasa

    1. Kisses to Gigi. YES!!! Lets sasa

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