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When I first received AfriDerm, I was excited because on one hand I love receiving exclusive beauty products and on the other hand, I love all beauty, hair products that push the black beauty brand forward and AfriDerm represents exactly that, it is active care for dark skin.

 I received the entire dark skin perfection Collection but thought I’d elaborate more on the Day Cream with SPF 20 and the Serum Concentrate Facial –Intense Repair and care Perfection. Right off the bat the Day cream has the look and feel of Ponds Flawless Radiance. The AfriDerm day cream also smells nice, it’s slightly scented. I love that the AfriDerm moisturizes but also matiffies which is exciting because most Facial creams that have SPF usually make a person shine.  The AfriDerm is a good product because its designed for African skin so it takes into consideration that we as African want to have moisturized skin but we also do not want to look like you can fry an ego on our faces, so kudos to them.

The Facial intense repair and care perfection is a serum, as the name suggests.  The Repair and care Afriderm serum is a clear like jelly like liquid that almost looks like a primer.  It feels like water on the skin, plus it’s also scented, Smells nice.  The Repair and care Afriderm Serum quickly dries up is absorbed in the skin. It does not matiffy the skin but it moisturizes it but doesn’t leave residue or grease.

All in all, if you are looking for a good moisturizer that works perfect with dark skin, Look no further. The Repair and care serum can be used in the morning but also at night. I grew up trying all sorts of products on my face and realized i looked my best when my skin was matte but not dry and that’s why I give the product a Beliciousmuse Stamp of approval.

AfriDerm can be purchased at EDGARS but you can purchase it directly online, HERE.




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