balmain silk perfume review video

Balmain Silk Perfume; Review Video

The Balmain Silk Perfume is a gift to long hair or short straight or curly hair. There are hair products I use for my short Afro hair and hair products I use for my long weave hair and a combination of the two, very carefully, when I still want to maintain my natural hair underneath a weave or wig. The Balmain Hair Perfume is a combination of Silk and Perfume which means that it’s a combination of hair smelling great and keeping the hair soft and silky

What is Balmain Silk Perfume?

Balmain Silk Perfumes are specially formulated to provide a lightweight silk finish, infused with pure Argan oil. The ingredients, Silk Protein and Argan Oil, stimulate an optimal moisture retention within the hair cell, repair and protect damaged, dry and weak hair from environmental extremes. The environmental extremes can include the weather, rain, dryness, over drying, overheating and so forth. It guards against that.

I received a gift from Balmain Hair Couture after the Sir John Master class in Hyde Park. It was a gift set, which included the Silk Perfume, an alternative perfume cap (Luxury Vaporizer which adds a luxurious French fashion feeling) and a Golden Balmain Mirror. I used the Silk Perfume on my hair the following day and took a video, refreshing my hair from the dead.

How to Revive hair from the dead

You might be asking; how do I revive hair from the dead or How to resurrect a crucified hair weave? Ok, look no further. The video below explains everything.

Ok, so before I comb or brush my hair I firstly spray it with Balmain Silk Perfume. The reason why I do this its because when hair is dry, it breaks easily. So, to prevent breakage, I usually just spray it with some form of oil or moisture, to make it easy to brush and less torturous.

What I absolutely love about the Balmain Silk Perfume is that it detangles and repairs damaged hair, providing long lasting, brilliant shine and protection against external damage.  The Balmain Perfume that has Silk is perfect for that boujee girl who wants all her hair in place with no fly always. Neat, classy and glamorous. Silk Perfume is a –

• Summery scented perfume for hair,

• Enriched with Argan and Silk Proteins, and

• Keeps hair shiny and radiant

After Applying the Balmain Silk Perfume, i comb or brush the hair through. Once that is done, I use a curling iron to give it some glam and make it bouncy. The Balmain Silk Perfume helps my hair not to burn while I’m curling it. And it also helps the hair maintain its curls even after i comb the hair through. The hair keeps its curls.  

How long do the effects of the Silk Perfume last?

My hair, after using the Balmain Silk Perfume smelled nice but looked even better. The effect of the silk perfume lasted several days. Once the hair has been curled, it’s important to sleep with a silk or satin hair bonnet so that in the morning, one doesn’t necessarily have to use the Silk Perfume again. A little goes a very long day.

I appreciate because they are a direct link between Balmain Paris and us, South Africans. I you can’t find the silk Perfume in selected Foschini stores, Dischem or Clicks, you can always order online. The Balmain range and any other product you order, will be delivered to you in no time

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