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Bain’s Whiskey Treats

Today, 27th of February, is National Milk Tart day!! Milk tart is one of my favourite desserts as its creamy, tasty and not too sweet (depends how you make it). Ive never tasted Bain’s Whiskey before, because i usually request something ordinary like Jack or Vodka. I am, however, looking forward to taking a sip of this, over the weekend. For now, ill just enjoy the milk tart until Friday.

A Little background about BAIN’S WHISKEY

Bain’s Whiskey is a single grain alcoholic brown juice that is distilled and double matured at just one location. This location is situated at the foot of the spectacular Bainskloof Pass – The James Sedgwick Distillery and the home of Bain’s, which is impressively the only commercial whisky distillery in Africa.

There is something awesome about drinking proudly South African drinks. Bains has ‘THAT THING’. Located 45 minutes from the Mother City Cape Town, on the edge of the Berg River, close to the bottom of the foot of the Bainskloof Pass, this picture perfect, intagram worthy distillery was purchased by J. Sedgwick & Co. in 1886. The distillery is apparently One of the most beautiful grain whisky distilleries in the world. People all over the world celebrate its beauty

How to drink Whiskey well

  1. The trick to having a good night, if you are going drinking, is to prepare for the festivities. You don’t want to go clubbing or drinking while dehydrated so make sure you drink enough water before throwing in the brown juice.

2. And, while you are having a good time, make sure to order water with your drinks. That way, you don’t end up getting drunk an hour into the party and call a cab. Alcohol was meant for enjoying, not for drowning your sorrows, so, just be aware of that.

3. Next up, you wan to at least have eaten something solid before a night of heavy drinking. Eat a good dinner and be good to your liver.

Really looking forward to celebrating the new month, and perhaps with a shot or two of Bain’s Cape Town Whiskey. Thank you guys for the bottle and Milk-tart

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