burna boy babes wodumo aka xenophobia

Babes Wodumo vs Burna Boy Vs AKA: SayNoToXenophobia

Babes Wodumo vs Burna Boy and ALL NIGERIANS

This week in South Africa. Violence against women and Xenophobia. Burna Boy Babes Wodumo, AKA. Babes Wodumo has once again taken to twitter to ‘express’ how she feels when it comes to foreigners living in South Africa. Stating:

Africa is one Yama Simba Nigerians must go !!! Kumanje women are forced into prostitution kwi instagram!! Buka nje o faith nketsi.. they are involved in human trafficking nalezinja!!! They must go manje!
Khona manje Zimbabweans are owning RDP houses .. Houses that were strictly built for South Africans .. why mara heee??!! Bahola I grant!! With our tax money!! Abahambe!!
Ngithi whites too!!! Mabahambe izinja Kabi o Vanschalwyk.

Babes Wodumo

Its unfortunate that the likelihood of these tweets to be ‘tweeted by a hacker’ is very high and babes wodumo will not account for these tweets. If Babes Wodumo was not hacked and these were her actual tweets, some people would appreciate that she is speaking her mind, regardless of the consequences. But once again, she fails to own up to what she believes.

Just to put things in perspective. Babes Wodumo recently insulted Lady Zamar about her acne. She then followed up and said that she was hacked. But until today, these insensitive tweets about Lady Zamar are still on her twitter page. When most people are hacked, the first thing they do is delete the images and status that were sent on their behalf without their knowledge or consent. But until this day, Babes has not deleted those tweets. Which begs the question, was she really hacked? Or just hiding behind a keyboard.

There has been a lot happening on Social media with alot of South Africans feeling as if they dont have much of a say in what happens in their country.

Burna Boy vs Babes Wodumo

Burna Boy caught wind of what is currently happening in south Africa and decided to tweet a series of tweets about his dissatisfaction in regards to how his people, Nigerians, are being treated in South Africa. Among the tweets Burna Boy decided to swear at AKA and threaten to never set foot in South Africa again.

I have not set foot in SA since 2017. And I will NOT EVER go to South Africa again for any reason until the SOUTH AFRICAN government wakes the fuck up and really performs A miracle because I don’t know how they can even possibly fix this.

Burna Boy

Well, this didn’t go down well with Babes Wodumo who decided to take it upon herself and tell him to stay away anyway


During the back and forth in regards to What must happen in South Africa aka Was forced to join the chat, amidst minding his own business.

Burna Boy vs AKA

In an old tweet, AKA Tweeted, during a match between South Africa and Nigeria, of which South Africa lost, that he was hoping South Africa would win. And voiced his frustrations that South Africa is constantly losing to Nigeria. Today, Burna Boy responded to that (OLD)tweet and obviously took the tweet out of context. AKA has never said anything bad about Burna boy but one cant keep explaining what was meant in a tweet if the tweet is constantly being taken out of context. Unfortunately, we all watched as a ‘friend’ become an enemy in a matter of a few retweets.

People are disappointing, frustrated, angry and annoyed at what is happening in South Africa, currently. You have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all. Yes, we all have our own personal feelings on how we feel about what is happening in South Africa right now. But using twitter accounts to insight hate and violence is not the way to go.

There are so many ways of getting a message across without eliciting hate and violence. We all have a part to play and being well informed is something we all can do, before getting worked up on twitter based on ignorance.

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