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Avon Far Away Rebel

Growing up in a household full of women, I learnt a lot. I have two sisters and a brother and I have tons of Beauty Guru Aunts.  My mother wore some of the latest fashions and she tried her best to look on-trend and stylish. Today we will focus on the Avon Perfume: Avon Far away Rebel but, With all the pretty clothes my mother wore, what followed her were all the  beautiful scents that would intrigue our noses.

My mother had a large collection of perfumes, Eau de Parfums and Eau de Toilettes. At the time, as a teenager, all I knew was that my mother always smelled good and that I wanted to be like her and always smell nice and that a beautiful perfume came in the shape of a beautiful bottle and it had to be heavenly intoxicating. The AVON Far Away Rebel smells divine and it comes in a beautiful purple bottle plus it is a Eau de Parfum (EDP), which makes it perfect.

Any fragrance with a concentration of perfume oils more than or in-between 10% to 20% is an EDP (Eau de parfum). A perfume is often the fragrance with the highest concentration of perfume oils sold in stores, and it’s also the most popular as women tend to consider this as a benchmark for a fragrance house’s trademark scent and this is no different to the AVON Far Away Rebel EDP.

On the other hand, an Eau de Toilette has a 4% to 10% Concentration of perfume oils. Many perfumes are released in both EDT and EDP concentrations, but the Toilette version is usually fresher, lighter, and focuses more on the top notes. Depending on the type of fragrance family, EDT scents can last from three to four hours but they can last even longer depending on the brand and concentration of perfume oils and EDTs work great in summer or the workplace.

The New AVON Far Away Rebel is very wearable and lasts the whole day. EDPs also tend to have stronger base notes, only revealing the perfume’s true scent after a couple of hours on the skin which is what I found out after wearing the AVON far Away Rebel fragrance the day I opened my package. If you’re looking for an irresistible scent that is strong and long-lasting, the New AVON Far Away Rebel is the one to purchase. It has bewitching notes of a fresh fruity burst of fresh orange blossom scents followed by chocolate sweetness but settles to a more subtle bouquet of white florals (according to me)

The New Avon Far Away rebel, is designed to embody authenticity, courage and fearlessness. This new perfume uses delicately balanced notes of sumptuous salted chocolate and tantalizing toffee resulting in an alluring blend of naughty and nice.

Far Away Rebel was developed with world-class perfumer, Jean-Marc Chaillan, from the IFF fragrance house who said: “I felt inspired by the woman who emanates hints of innocence beneath a layer of audacious passion.”

Opening the press package was wild. I was instructed to use the hammer they gave me to break the mold and reveal my inner rebel ?. The big reveal was fun and the scents (Far Away Rebel) I found within the chocolate was irresistibly breathtaking and the chocolate was delicious to eat. Watch the video of me breaking the mold on my Instagram or Facebook and discover the Rebel within.

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