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Arthur Kaplan Menlyn Launch Vlog and pictures

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but it wasn’t always like that with me. If you read this blog religiously, you will find that I am a very simple person. I am not over the top but I’m also not basic. I like monochrome and simplicity and I also love colour. Me, I am a sucker for beautiful things but I don’t want it to be cluttered. The launch of Arthur Kaplan Menlyn store is a testament of what I’d like a jewelry store to look and feel. It has sparkles but it is also inviting.

Precious jewel, you glow, you shine, reflecting all the good things in the world.

“True friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.”

Sometimes when one enters a jewelry store, it can feel sort of like a prison. Or a high security facility where all the United Sates government secrets are kept. Highly confidential, not relaxing and intense. But the revamped Arthur Kaplan Menlyn store has removed all of the obstacles. All the jewels, diamonds, pearls and gold are safe and it’s a store that is still very inviting.  And it is a store for the modern man and modern woman.

What I love about the Arthur Kaplan Menlyn store is that is has a variety of jewels to cater to all types of personalities.  There is a variety of watches ranging from affordable to luxurious and that goes for all the jewels.  You can expect to find gold, diamond, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, Silver, Zirconia, silver zirconia and a whole lot of coloured jewels and pearls.

I started the day at the Arthur Kaplan Menlyn launch and it decided to document it for you guys. So, if you are interested, HERE is the video to the launch. Gosh, I need to get a new camera cause vlogging with a DSLR is a lot of work. It is heavy but, it takes really nice vlog videos and images. I am thinking of getting myself a Mirror Less camera for vlogs and in that way, I can give you guys a lot more content weekly.

Arthur Kaplan Menlyn Launch Video

When the invite came, I RSVP’d to attend the launch with an extra person. But, the launch was early, around 9 o’clock and the person that I had anticipated would go with me, wasn’t able to go. So, I had to improvise. Lucky for me, the staff at the Arthur Kaplan Launch were really and helpful.  This VLOG would not have happened without them. The lady that was assisting me in taking the videos, bless her soul, I didn’t take her name, she was more than happy to handle the camera and take shot after shot in creating this beautiful VLOG Video.  Thank you so much Arthur Kaplan Menlyn Staff, you guys made my year!!! I am forever grateful.

Anyway, below are images of the dress I wore on the day. Got it from Superbalist and you can get the same one HERE! The shoes are from NEXT and the bag a gift from my mother.

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