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Arthur Kaplan Jewelry: The gift in the box

Arthur Kaplan Jewels

Ok, so at the Arthur Kaplan Menlyn re-vamped store launch, I was given a goody bag.  Well, its gift and I love gifts. Gifts help me understand people’s affection towards me. And a gift from a brand says to me that they really appreciate you taking the time off your day and attending to their launch. I was going to the launch regardless of whether there was a gift or not, because I am a liker of things. When I received the gift package I didn’t think that there would be any Arthur Kaplan Jewelry in the bag, but, low and behold.

How i found out what was in the box

So here I am walking back to my car, when I see a friend of mine that works at the Lindt Chocolate shop in Menlyn Park. I decided to ambush him in the store and say hi and while I was in the store he asked me what was in the bag. I said, ‘gifts from Arthur Kaplan Jewelry’. Then he asked, what kind of gifts, and I said, I don’t know, then he asked me to open the gift bag. And I did.

I opened the gift bag and literally stopped breathing. I was so shocked that I got such a gorgeous Gift from Arthur Kaplan Jewelry. The gift is a Pendant. A beautiful Silver pendant and it has two hearts. One small heart and one bigger heart. I was so happy I was at the verge of tears. I Love gifts and I love it even more when brands appreciate us bloggers. I mean, I would have been a blogger regardless of the luxurious gifts, but the perks keep me motivated.

Arthur Kaplan jewelry vs other brands

Its amazing how much money I have spent on inferior brands in terms of jewelry over the past decade. Its so easy to spend money, whether it is R50.00 or R200.00 on a piece of ‘jewelry’ one will find in a none jewelry store. The thing about those types of rings and neck-pieces is that after some time, they lose colour and become none wearable. Imagine tearing up R200.00 and throwing it down the toilet. That is what I’ve been doing, spending money on accessories that are not durable and cheap.

Arthur Kaplan Jewelry Prices

From at little as R200.00 you can get yourself a beautiful Pendant for your girl or a friend. This particular pendant ( the  ROSE GOLD PLATED SILVER CUBIC ZIRCONIA & POLISHED CIRCLE PENDANT ON CHAIN) costs R399.00. The price of two fake ones that will only last until after summer. It’s crazy how we play ourselves when it comes to luxury. People think that because its Arthur Kaplan, then it MUST Be expensive. And although there is very luxurious jewelry in the Arthur Kaplan Jewelry store in Menlyn Park, there is also some beautiful finds, created to fit any personality and any budget.

But, with every piece of Jewelry anyone will wish to purchase, the most important thing is to keep the jewels safe. I do not own too many jewelries because me and accessories are not friends. Hhahahha, they sometimes feel very heavy on my body. But, when I finally decide to purchase some beautiful gems to wear on special occasions, I purchase knowing where and when to wear them. People steal ALL the time and sometimes, because people steal all the time, I don’t wear my jewelry in certain parts of the country and especially at night.

Always be safe

I’ve Heard horror stories of people being followed at shopping malls after robbers had seen them in restaurants, flaunting their Rolex or huge rings. I mean, take Kim Kardashian for example.  She would always floss that huge engagement ring that Kanye gave her but she was till robbed and it was traumatic. And after that incident, Kim Kardashian has been a little safer when it comes to sharing locations as well as flaunting money in people faces. And I think all of us can learn from Kim’s Mistakes. No one is going to stop us from living our best lives but living our best lives come with responsibilities and increased awareness and protection and even insurance, for the things that matter.

Peep this gorgeous   Pendant I received from Arthur Kaplan Jewelry and rest assured, I will not be wearing it when it isn’t safe to do so, regardless of its value.

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