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How important is it, from a scale of 1 to 10, to moisturize your skin to keep it looking fresh and youthful? I would say 11 because there are other things one needs to do to keep the skin anti-ageing but moisturizing the skin is a total must. It’s easy to not care about the skin when its already beautiful, some of us have gone through life In a bubble and have had the bubble popped by Google suggesting sunscreen for anti-ageing. When I first heard about sun screen the first thing that popped in my mind was, IM BLACK, I DON’T NEED SUNCREEN.LOL was I wrong!! Because my skin is somewhat more chocolate than others I still do need sunscreen as chocolate also melts. Hahaha

Moisturizing the skin helps

  1. Anti-ageing
  2. Gives the already beautiful a more beautiful glow.
  3. Helps skin absorb nutrients better
  4. Gives a youthful appearance and etc.

A good knowledge of the skin can keep you away from trouble especially knowledge of tips and tricks to anti-aging. Before I had access to Google, I had lot of friends that would give me their bad advice on beauty and I simply followed because their skin looked so great. LOL one friend used Vaseline Blue Seal to make her skin look pretty, another used cuticura and another used Clinique. But the problem with having too many friends giving advice is that you forget that your skin has special needs. Your skin is different to theirs genetically. Silly me I tried Vaseline on the face for two months and at the end of that two months I just looked dusty. It was horrible.

Then I tried Ponds Vanishing cream. I used Ponds vanishing cream for the longest time in my life. I remember going on a holiday to Malawi and I carried PONDS with me, the vanishing cream. LOL I came back so dark it was just hard! At same point I thought I looked like a poor, young Malawian woman. Lol I just couldn’t. Last time I had seen my then boyfriend was before I went to Malawi, now coming back I had lost weight and I had lost the little complexion that I once had, and with my lost complexion came my loss of self-esteem, at that time. This then boyfriend of mine was not forgiving, I could see that he didn’t see me the same way anymore and to cut a long story short, we broke up months after that… but the breakup wasn’t related to the loss In complexion nor the PONDS vanishing cream, I just wasn’t happy.

I realized that when facing the sun and you don’t have sunscreen always moisturize, don’t put on a face product that will suck out all the moisture like a vanishing cream to mattify face.

Now, when you start taking care of your face it doesn’t matter how dark or light skin you are you will look beautiful regardless and with a great moisturizer, makeup looks flawless. We are constantly and unknowingly using anti-ageing creams but when the skin gets dry we use the anti-aging creams with the anti-ageing name. When we moisturize, it is an anti-ageing procedure. When we use sun screen creams it helps with anti-ageing, when we drink lots of water, about two liters a day, we are assisting our bodies to age gracefully.

Skin can get thinner and ages faster with stress and dehydration etc. Tips to anti-ageing include; drink lots of water, exercise regularly, live a happy life and cut people that are chronic pains in the buttocks, limit or stop alcohol intake, sleep roughly eight hours a night, eat green and eat clean

Not every product that promises anti-ageing does what the bottle says. Consult a dermatologist and use products with vitamins and minerals that your skin needs.

I used to use the body shop Vitamin E range but I have stopped that for a more premium face product. I use the BODY SHOP Oils of Life intensively moisturizing cream and The Body Shop Intensively revitalizing facial oil. The product apparently assists with anti-ageing by intensively moisturizing the face and giving it back its life by plumping the skin. I’ve been using it for a few days now and I’ve noticed a more radiant skin. I will be sharing with you a no-makeup picture soon if this face product from the body shop works wonders but for now, I love how it feels on my skin and I love how moisturizing it is and how beautifully it blends in with makeup.

I love you guys and thanks for the read, please help a sister or a guy out by sharing.

Slay all day!!!

Fyi… if my eyes look a little tired and red… that’s because in these pictures I have Pink Eye. So my eyes ARE tired and  Red cause of this condition which causes swelling, ichinyness and watery eyes.

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