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ANGOSTURA is celebrating 200 Years

Celebrating 200 Years of ANGOSTURA: Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future

The famous bitters bottle with the big label is a staple in any cocktail cabinet, but did you know ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters started as a medicine? The brand is celebrating 200 years in 2024, with the same secret recipe still bringing joy and healing. Dr. Johann Seigert, a surgeon general in Simon Bolivar’s revolutionary army, created the bitters in Angostura, Venezuela to help his soldiers with digestive issues.

In the 1870s, Dr. Seigert’s three sons moved to Trinidad, where ANGOSTURA® has been made with the same recipe since 1824. By then, the bitters were an essential cocktail ingredient, even becoming legally permitted during the 1920s Prohibition in the US for medicinal purposes.

A Cocktail Icon

ANGOSTURA® has been a part of cocktail culture for 200 years. From the Old Fashioned in the 1880s to the first recorded cocktail party in 1917, hosted by Mrs. Julius Walsh in St. Louis, Missouri, where guests enjoyed Martinis and Manhattans.

Though the original recipe hasn’t changed, The House of Angostura® added a range of rums in the 1950s and introduced ANGOSTURA® orange and cocoa bitters in the 21st century. The cocoa bitters support Trinidad and Tobago’s cocoa industry by providing a local market for small farmers and promoting sustainable practices.

Committed to Sustainability

To mark its 200th anniversary, ANGOSTURA® announced several sustainability measures. Their rum bottles now use 30% less glass, reducing transport emissions. Labels are made from sustainably managed forests, and bottle closures are fully recyclable. They’ve also upgraded their wastewater treatment plant and are planning a project to use bio-gas for electricity.

These efforts are part of their application for a new royal warrant from King Charles III, continuing a tradition since 1873 when ANGOSTURA® bitters won a silver medal at the Vienna Exposition.

Bicentennial Celebrations

To celebrate, ANGOSTURA® released a limited edition bitters bottle with an elegant black and gold label. House of Angostura® CEO, Laurent Schun, says, “Reaching 200 years is an incredible achievement. We’re excited for our bicentennial year with many plans and new products. The future looks bright for Angostura.”

Look out for anniversary parties worldwide, new product releases, and special editions. Visit for more on their range and recipes. Follow Angostura South Africa on Facebook (/AngosturaSouthAfrica) and Instagram (@AngosturaZA) for updates.


Founded by Dr. Johann Siegert in 1824 in Angostura, Venezuela, ANGOSTURA® bitters has a long history of royal recognition and is essential in premium cocktails. ANGOSTURA® orange bitters launched in 2007, and ANGOSTURA® cocoa bitters uses the finest Trinitario cocoa from Trinidad and Tobago. The House of ANGOSTURA® also offers a range of rums, including Angostura 1824®, Angostura 1919®, Angostura® 7-Year-Old, Angostura® 5-Year-Old, and Angostura® Reserva, as well as the award-winning Amaro di ANGOSTURA®.

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