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I Follow Angelica Blick Style on #SnapChat but doing so becames a little tricky. ANGELICA Blick is a fashion and travel blogger that speaks English fluently but her snaps are mostly in her mother tongue. Angelica Blick is Swedish, from Stockholm. I think its awsome watching Angelica Blick style but the language barrier gets me like… Hhhhmmm… OK. We are obviously very different and are worlds apart but i am inspired by her fashion sence.

I didn’t have the pleasure of growing with her on her fashion and travel instagram page, unlike other bloggers that I absolutely love. Instagram suggested Angelica Blick style and her blog to me. I Know I was whining about communication and understanding earlier on but without saying a word the Angelica Blick style and blog speaks volumes. It’s true, we cannot read minds but we can read behavior and body language like pros.

Her bikini behind is goals. She flaunts it like it is just another part of her body i.e. her elbow or knee. This bikini body travels across countries and visits exotic, peaceful places. Her blog gives me so much FOMO it’s not funny anymore. Most of her picture backgrounds are the ocean, clear blue skies, beach, sand or a tropical sunset. When i look at her swim suits I  can tell that she has a good eye for fashion. I love her body yes.. But I celebrate all women, shape and size. Our goals in life should be to live the best life possible. You can travel if you like, read as many books as desire, work a loved job, be loved and receive love.

Angelica Blick is living her best life possible. She is travelling, cooking, eating, tanning, diving, and a whole lot more of traveling. Am I jealous? Of course… who wouldn’t want to travel and get paid to go on vacations for the rest of their lives? All of us. But her life is not to be compared to the life of others.. You can get from other people all the inspiration you need but the end game is to build your own paradise. Her life is awesome, but yours can be awsome as well… Let your motto in life be: Always choose the option that makes you the happiest. #JustSaying 😉


All images from ANGELICA BLICK blog.

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