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One of my best friends got married yesterday in a traditional wedding style and it was EVERYTHING!!! Can’t remember when last I attended a modern but this one is the one I will compare all future modern traditional weddings to because it was so marvelous.

She was a sight for sore eyes… honesty hadn’t seen her and Khomotos, the maid of honour, in what seems like 5 to 10 years but what I love about true friendship is that it doesn’t need day to day communication and maintenance to keep alive, true friendship sustains itself.

We, with the help of some of her other friends, assisted her in getting ready for her modern TRADITIONAL WEDDING . Gosh!! She was so secretive about her dress that we, yes even us, only got to see the dress when we were steaming it to eventually make it get on her body make it fit perfectly. When she first laid the dress on the bed I was in awe!!! WHAT!?!! REALLY!!?! It was so beautiful that all we did before touching this wedding garment was just stare at it. The pink detail on the shoulder, the corset and the yellow strings at the bag, the layers and layers of what seemed like an ocean of blue flowy fabric underneath it and all the other layers that made this dress so gorgeous was simply breath- taking.

This looked like a white wedding dress but the cultural and traditional colours , the patterns and all in all intricate detail that sprung at us at her every turn eliminated all signs of a white western wedding. This is culture, African and very TRADITIONAL WEDDING like. Our traditional wedding dresses don’t have to be bland and simple, they can look like this!! All around heavenly, she looked like an African royal princess, such a Queen! But let’s face it, she was already a queen by virtue of her being Nancy but now this queen has a second name by virtue of her being found by her King. This wedding was magical.

The colorful décor made for great pictures don’t you think? I mean the orange and the blues, the pinks and the yellows … guys, enough said.

Ok, now about my outfit. In these pictures I’m wearing a skirt by Athalia Pilane, Shoes from Misguided, top from Mr. Price, accessories from Lovisa Jewelry and earrings from Maboneng market. Gosh this was a beautiful wedding and I am so happy I was part of it.

Congratulations my friend Nancy and cheers to everlasting love with your loved one.


Assistant Maid of Honour  😉


It was hot… Literally!!!

Table Décor

Before they said I DO

Absolutly Gorgeous

The stunner Bride, Nancy

The Breath-taking dress


The Nervous Maid of Honour

The END!


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