What to wear on Valentines day. AfroGrunge maybe?

Its January now but it will be February soon, and not long after that, it will be the 14th Of February, Valentine’s day. Valentines day can cause a challenge for those who don’t believe in just one day of love, or for those who are not in a relationship but care about V-day. But for those of you who enjoy the traditional sense of Valentine’s day and see Valentines day as a beautiful celebration of love for everyone, wearing red and white could be all sorts of fun. AfroGrunge, a proudly south African fashion house, showcased their 2019 Autumn/ Winter collection and people saw the colours representing romance and purity. Red and White.

AFROGRUNGE are, simply put, SAFW New Talent Search Finalist.
The founder of Afrogrunge, Anita Hlazo launched her fashion label in 2017. Since then, she has presented her past collections in numerous local fashion shows. The core value of her brand hails from her fascination with worldwide street style and its unorthodox culture.

The grunge in AfroGrunge sort of gives a nod to Kanye West’s Adidas Clothing Line. Afrogrunge is definitely street style but not too polished and definitely not common.

In pop culture, we sort of assume that grunge is a form of style, high fashion or street, that sort of involves cool clothes with a don’t care attitude. The official meaning of grunge is “a style of rock music characterized by a raucous guitar sound and lazy vocal delivery”. Lol perfect right? Grunge transferred to fashion is nonchalant, don’t care, but looks cool.

On Valentines day, wearing Afrogrunge will most likely put you in the category of “here for it, but my way”. And because most of their clothes are not tight… you will definitely be more comfortable. As i get older, i look for comfort in clothing. I only say this because there was once upon a time when id walk 1 to 2 kilometers to church, just for looks, rather than be comfortable.


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