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Hand sanitizer available at Dischem by African Legacy

If any one wants to order? They can email Randzo at ke***********@gm***.com

I would say that ‘nothing makes me happier than featuring my friend’s brands on ‘but I’d be lying. A lot things make me happy. Seeing my friends grow in business is one of them. Africa Legacy is a new brand that caters to the health and soothing needs of a person’s hands.  Africa Legacy manufactures, producers and provides world class hand sanitizers and hand lotions.

Normal hand sanitizers are known to leave a odor that smells like the insisted of a clinic or operating room but, Africa Legacy producers hand sanitizers that smell like mint or menthol. The simple ingredients in the Africa Legacy water-less hand sanitizer Alcohol Denat, Aqua, carbomer, Spearmint, leaf oil and Triethanolamine.

The Africa Legacy hand sanitizer makes you want to smell your hands after sanitizing them. The smell is a little kick at the back of the nose but your hands are super clean and smell minty. There is a little note on the package, which I think is sooo cute!! The note reads ‘Tip: Drink water regularity’. I am so in love with the Africa Legacy Hand sanitizers and I like the simple but personal touch on the packaging.

Any hand sanitizer must come with a hand lotion, because hand sanitizers have the possibility of drying up the hands and making them look ashy. The good thing about Africa Legacy hand sanitizer is that it doesn’t dry up your hands. But, in case you will be using a different hand sanitizer, the Africa Legacy hand lotions are the ones to use to soften your hands.

Africa Legacy has three hand lotions which are complimentary to each other. My favourite Africa Legacy hand lotion is the Avocado and Cucumber one. The Avocado and cucumber Africa Legacy hand lotion is slightly green. It has a pastel colour to it. It immediately smells like a healthy snack because it smells like fresh cucumbers, which is always a good thing.

The Passion fruit Hand Lotion smells a bit like bananas and sweets. It is pastel yellow in colour and it is not oily at all. I love the fact that these hand lotions are matt, meaning that they are non-shiny, but they are moisturizing and softening.

The third hand lotion from Africa Legacy that comes with the hand sanitizer is named ‘Orange and Vanilla’. When you first open it, it has a strong orange smell.  But once you have worn the hand lotion for about two minutes or so, the strong orange smell dims down to a more vanilla scent. The transition from orange to vanilla reminds me of a perfume. Perfumes have three major notes. Top notes, middle notes and base notes.

  • Top notes, sometimes also called the head notes, are the scents you perceive immediately upon application of a fragrance. In this case, the Top notes of Africa Legacy Orange and Vanilla hand lotion is the Orange scent.
  • Middle notes of a perfume, which are sometimes referred to as heart notes, make up the body of the fragrance blend.
  • Base notes bring depth and solidity to a fragrance and in the case of Africa Legacy, the base notes are the vanilla, which is the scent you discover, once the hand lotion has settled on your hands.

Please, let’s support African brands, more importantly, Proudly South African Brands. This set of hand sanitizer as well as hand lotions is available to order. Follow Africa Legacy on Facebook and Instagram or you could order on Beliciousmuse Facebook page. I’ve been loving using this set myself, and I know that you will love it too. Let’s spread the word and buy proudly South Africa.

If any one wants to order? They can email Randzo at ke***********@gm***.com


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