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The title of this fashion blog post/ fashion editorial already speaks for itself. A touch of passion is what I see when I look at these images – A dark black long dress with golden red makeup to bring out the heat!!!  I was a bit skeptical to wear this long black dress because black can be depressing, especially in winter and also because I love wearing short dresses.  But when I put it on, it came out the way I envisioned it in my mind. It made my silhouettes sexier and most importantly kept me warm. (FYI I last wore something influenced by the weather years ago)

Wearing black in winter is like wearing florals in Spring and as the great  Meryl Streep once said in The Movie The Devil Wears Prada, Wearing Florals in Spring is NOT Ground breaking , that being said, wearing black in winter has the same notion. But there is a way of doing the whole long black dress in winter that doesn’t make it look too obvious… The way the truth and the life keeping any long black dress stylish is to accessories it with great makeup, a touch of color. But, here on we call it, a touch of passion J

First of all, thanks again to Erre Fashion for this gorgeous dress. The dress is heavy, but only because the fabric is pure luxury. The Erre woman is an incredible woman and I feel so honored to be wearing an Erre original design. If you want to find out more about Erre Fashion, read more HERE.

Now back to the dress; this style of black dress is called the Myri Dress. The Myri simply means versatile which in simpler terms means you can wear it differently every time. The look that I chose in collaboration with the touch of passion makeup was the sexy Grecian goddess style with a bow at the back. The Erre Fashion Myri Dress has buttons, loops, strings and belts inside and out created for those creatives that can find different ways to accentuate their figure. I Love showing off my figure  which is the inspiration behind this look, making  a very loose long black dress into a semi flowy long black dress.  You can check out more on how the dress looked and what I did to it to make it fit me the way I wanted below and get yours HERE.

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Outfit Of the Day

Dress: Erre Fashion (Purchase it Directly from ERRE  HERE)

Shoes: Madison Shoes

Lips: Mac Cosmetics

Face: Kylie Cosmetics, La Girls etc, L’Oreal,

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