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POP OF PURPLE MAKEUP for all skin types



I only recently developed a fascination for makeup and by recently I mean approximately three to four years back. I used to think makeup was only foundation and powder, to my surprise found out that even lipsticks are considered makeup!!! (Thank God for the Education) I could honestly have mascara, lip stick and eye
liner on but I’d tell people that I didn’t have any make up on!  I loved lip glosses the most though
At one stage in my life my friends diagnosed me with LGOD (Lip-gloss Obsession Disorder) which in their eyes entailed the following criteria
1. Never letting lip gloss out of sight
2. Applying more than 3 coats during application,
3. Lips moisturized and shiny even at 12 Midnight when there’s nothing happening
4. Death of New Lip Gloss within one week.

That’s a bit extreme don’t you think? So let me tell you the actual story. I used to hold lip glosses in my hands all the time. I’d hold a lip-gloss so dearly it would seem like I’m holding on to it for dear life! Truth is I was scared for my lips life that If the lip gloss disappeared my lips would be left to look ashy and dreary and that couldn’t happen cause according to Beatrice Lips are the welcoming committee of a company and eyes the receptionist so I considered it taking care of my employees 

I love the way lip sticks tend to have the ability to change my mood on any given day. I’d put on a red lip and feel like a super woman, a pink lip a flirtatious smile , black , orange and purple lips exotic high fashion.

Hi… My name is Beatrice and I am a Liperholic but unfortunately I’m still obsessed and not working hard to let go of my obsession but I’ve made a few adjustments.
1. I don’t hold lip glosses in my hands anymore I keep them in my bag.
2. Lipsticks are like clothing, I wear them and I take them off, so goes for Lip Glosses, they don’t stay on my lips for periods longer than needed.

Now for the Look
I put this purple look together with night in mind. Foundation and Powder from Clinique, black and purple Kajal eye liners from Essence, black all around and the purple only on top, layered towards the curve of the eye lid with the Essence purple eye shadow pallet, used a Clinique blush, Eye Brows deep Brown Crayon and eye brow filler from (Any Brand) and finished my look with purple and pink Essence and The Body Shop Lipsticks, used the Purple all round the lip and the Pink along the inner top and inner lower

Now it’s your turn to be creative. Do the look and tag me on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #PopOfPurple.  A POP OF PURPLE MAKEUP
Have an open mind

With Love



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