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9 things I learnt about Beauty Trends 2017

  1. Black is Beautiful but so is every other colour in between. White is beautiful, Brown is Beautiful, Yellow is beautiful etc. I grew up being told that black is beautiful as a way of making me appreciate my skin tone because my parents new that the black representations of beauty at the time were limited. So they forced it down my throat. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL, Yes, I do agree but now I can appreciate all other skin types and skin tones because I appreciate and love my own skin type and skin tone first. Having a different skin tone to me doesn’t make you more superior or more inferior it just makes you YOU.

2.BEAUTY TRENDS 2017:  I’ve also learnt that sunscreen is not as important as having a good moisturizer. A good moisturizer has properties that assist your skin in looking and feeling better over time. Sunscreen protects you from the sun. In a nut shell, sunscreen only helps your skin stay sun damage free but it won’t change the texture of your skin. On that note, some good moisturizers have built in sunscreen but if they don’t, ALWAYS USE A GOOD SUNCREEN OF ATLEAST 30 SPF after using a good moisturizer.

3. BEAUTY TRENDS 2017: To look on trend and classy make sure you have lipsticks you can use for summer and lipsticks you can use for winter. I love wearing glossy lipsticks in summer together with bronzers and highlighters, not to say that these combos cannot be used in winter as well but some products just do a better job in Summer compared to winter. I’ve learnt to switch my pink lipsticks that I use in summer to more darker deeper tones like burgundy and maroon but reds are an all year round lip colour, RED never goes out of style. Nude lipsticks are also great in winter and as we are fast approaching winter right now the Smokey eye is surely coming back with more dramatic deep browns and oranges.

4.BEAUTY TRENDS 2017: I’ve also learnt that if you are not sure how to shape your eyebrows, leave them for a professional and by professional I don’t mean that person by the hair salon – Go to a brow specialist. Its better having bushy eyebrows which you can shape using a spooly, brow pencil and concealer than having to draw everything back on? So ladies… when it comes to brows, either leave to grow out or ask a professional to shape them, you will thank me later.

5. BEAUTY TRENDS 2017:One of my biggest lessons of 2017 is that the best thing about wearing a weave is having the option of not wearing it at all and still have a great mane of hair. I’m sure all of us when wearing weaves we think, im platting this hair so that when I take out my weave in a couple of weeks my hair would have grown. Which is not the case for most of us. When the weave comes off it usually leaves with a chunk of our hair… and then the hair looks bad and then a few days after the weave comes back on. The solution to healthy hair in a weave is making sure it is taken care of before the weave is installed

  1. a) Moisturizing it after platting (with seal-it-up FROM Aunt Jackie’s) and
  2. b)Telling the hair dresser to NOT pull your hair when platting and
  3. c) Not staying too long with a protective style.

6.BEAUTY TRENDS 2017:  Now, before applying any makeup on your face, USE A Primer. Primers help the makeup sit better on the face. The best types of primers are those that give an airbrush, Photoshop effect and I stand for two of them. One from the Body Shop Insta Blur and one from L’Oreal, THESE ARE MUST HAVES!!

7. BEAUTY TRENDS 2017: Water is LIFE. Dehydrated skin needs a lot more makeup than supple skin. Matter of fact, when you got supple skin you can get away with just using a light power, mascara and lipstick to any event that doesn’t require you to be glamorous. I once when to a doctor complaining about something I can’t remember. She recommended I drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day. I felt so stupid because I had spent consultation money for a doctor r to prescribe WATER. Lol. STOP. Drinking water really improves the skin as well… so for more radiant looking skin, start with H20.

8.BEAUTY TRENDS 2017: If you are going to an evening event and want to limit the number of times you go to the ladies to retouch your make up, make sure you BAKE. I’ve attached a link HERE on baking. It really helps with eliminating excess oil on T-zones etc and just looks great because it also assists in illuminating the under eye area.

9. BEAUTY TRENDS 2017: White Caucasian hair as well as Black hair needs deep conditioning. I’ve learnt that you can’t always be at the saloon relaxing your hair; sometimes go there for either deep conditioning or treatment. Treatment make the hair strong white constant relaxing makes the hair weak and brittle. Lol even when washing my weave I shampoo it first then condition it for maximum 20 minutes. This helps the hair look brand new which wouldn’t have looked that way if I had just shampooed it and hang.

These are life lessons I’ve been learning through trial and error and just simple research and not just in 2017; this process started which my first relaxer, my first face power and my first weave.



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