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7 Things every denim Shorts lover should know

You can wear denim shorts at any time and point in your life

First, the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. Secondly, you can wear whatever you like. I am sure that I am not the only one tired of being told what I can or cannot do or what I can or cannot wear. And although I constantly read about what is deemed appropriate or not, I’ve decided to throw away the rule book and do whatever I want. Wear what I like (denim shorts) and speak whatever is on my mind.

Not being shy to speak my mind has led me to free myself from the chains of society that bound me. Those chains imprison me no longer. But while I write this, I can’t help but remember how shocked I was to see a young lady, mid-twenties, wearing such short denim shorts that her butt cheeks were sticking out, and this was at Mall of Africa. To be honest, I envied her. I envied her freedom and her ‘don’t care’ attitude. Till this day I wish I could have stopped her and told her how shocking but powerful her fashion statement was.

If you cannot find the perfect pair of denim shorts, cut old jeans that fit really well, like I did.

Most of you have seen the original Sissy Boy jeans these Denim shorts come from. And if you have not seen or read that article, read more on that HERE. You see… us thick girls have a tendency of ‘finishing’ jeans on the inner thigh. This happens mostly because we have thick thighs. Thick thighs mean that the thighs are bound to touch ad rub against each other as we walk. So, the poor Sissy Boy jeans fell victim to that error in Jean manufacturing. Sissy boy should honestly make stronger jeans for the girls with thick thighs.

So, once the tear was there, I had no choice but to recycle the jeans and make them denim shorts. And I have not looked back since.

If you do not like tucking in, wear denim shorts with a bodysuit.

I am the queen of body suits. This bodysuit is one I got from Legit. I am sure they out of stock now, but you can purchase a similar bodysuit HERE and HERE.

I am obsessed with bodysuits because they just make any outfit look sooo chic. The only issues with bodysuits is that it can be difficult to go to the bathroom, especially in winter. This bodysuit used to have the three clips at the bottom that open and close it but, I recently sowed the bodysuit permanently together to stop it from snapping open. But now I must undress completely when I go to the bathroom, which isn’t convenient.

Denim shorts will never go out of style, they have been a summer staple for more than 40 years because they are easy to match

Denim is incredibly easy to match with other pieces of clothing. This is due largely in part to its simple yet stylish vibe. Traditional denim colours like light blue and grey go with just about any outfit.  Matching jeans is so much easier than matching any other clothes. Also remember jeans can be smart casual depending on what you match them with.  Finding suitable tops and shoes for denim is easy. Slap together whatever you want because jeans have no rules!

You don’t have to be skinny to wear shorts, neither do you have to have the booty for it

The trick is to find Denim shorts fit for your body type.  Designers usually make clothes for the ‘general’ population. And if you do not fit into this population, the denim shorts may not fit you or look flattering on you. But if you’re not sure what style of shorts should be your go-to, take the time to find the stores or the brands that cater to your body type.  Whether you’re tall and lean, petite with toned legs, or curvy, there’s a silhouette that will flatter your butt and ultimately give you a major confidence boost.

You can wear denim shorts unzipped as part of your bikini bottom but make it stylish.

Skip the sarong and put on some denim shorts at the beach. Anything goes at the beach (well, almost anything). So forget about the beach body concept and put on your most comfortable clothes. The one-piece swimsuit is a summer favourite of mine but so is the bikini. I personally would not wear tights to the beach but would definitely wear denim shorts cause personally, denim shorts are more stylish. Add a baseball cap, a loose laid-back t-shirt and make sure you bring some sandals. Beach sand is HOT.

If you are not comfortable with short shorts, you can wear long shorts and its OK.

You do not have to like short denim shorts just because I like them. Point number ONE: You can wear whatever you like.  there are more stylish possibilities than you think. A pair of tailored Bermuda shorts makes for the perfect summertime office outfit base. An old pair of skinny jeans into knee-length shorts that are on the tighter side are top tier. Balance the fit with an oversize button-down and flats to create a chic weekend look. For the fun of it, get bold in brightly coloured shorts. After all: If not summer, then when?

All Pictures Taken by Oyama Trey

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