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One Thing I’m always happy to talk about is skin care and I’m always happy to share tips about it. I get it, we all love looking gorgeous. Nope. Correct that, DROP DEAD GORGEOUSE, that’s the right way to say it and what better way to achieve that than by taking good care of one’s skin using good skin care.

Though I use makeup, I have found that using it on damaged skin doesn’t help much. Makeup should not be a tool to cover your face but rather one that enhances your natural beauty.  I believe, it’s the best feeling in the world to walk out of your house without makeup, and not feel ugly but feel confident in your naked skin.  The better your skin looks the less makeup you will have the need to wear thus making you more confident and better able to face your day to day adventures but taking care of one’s skin is not always easy especially when some skin care products are hardly skin friendly.

Let me tell you this: it doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive a skin care product is if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work. On the flip side the same applies. I have friends who use some of the cheapest products on the market and their skins are flawless but on the other hand, I have friends should they use the same products as my other group of friends who use cheap cosmetics their skins will suffer.  So, I advise you to buy products that are good for your skin type and skin tone, No Exceptions.

I’ve been thru almost all popular skin care brands in South Africa; some have worked while others have not.  After doing my own research I discovered that there are 5 basic skin types that exist

  • Oily ( Oily, shiny all over especially the T-Zone)
  • Dry ( Dry all over, especially the neck)
  • Normal
  • Combination Type 1 ( Normal to Dry, Normal skin type with dry cheeks or dry parts around the face and
  • Combination  Type 2 ( Normal to Oily, Normal skin type with oily T zone, Forehead, Nose and Chin)

This lead to an obsession of getting the correct skin care products for me and in this process discovered products that are suitable for other skin types as well.

Listed below are 7 products that I recommend that you try out

  1. SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: Clinique: Clarifying Lotion.

This lotion sweeps away dead skin cells on oily skin and it appears smoother with more light reflecting qualities. Upon application it is effective and is easily absorbed makeup.  It is well blended and stays on for longer and just to add a little more praise to this Lotion, this product is more effective when used twice a day and is by far one of the best toners I’ve used in a while

  1. SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: The Clinique Facial Bar

This soap lasts for ages. I purchase this product literally 4 times a year. I wish i had known about it sooner, would have saved me a whole lot of trouble. It is a very effective moisturiser and maintains protective liquids while loosening surface flakes. It leaves skin clear, confortable, refreshed and prepares the skin for the clarifying lotions.

A classy touch to this product is the protective soap holder that the manufacturers have added. It keeps the soap  dry  which in turn makes it last longer.

  1. SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: New dramatically different moisturising Lotion

This lotion has replenished the moisture in my face. My skin feels soft, supple and looks brighter.  It can also be used as a makeup base because it doesn’t leave any residue

  1. SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: The Body Shop:  Sea Weed Pore Cleansing Exfoliator is great for skin care

This exfoliator should only be used 3 times a week to prevent it from irritating and drying out your skin.  It helps if you wash, exfoliate and moisturise with the same brand but I prefer to use this brand for exfoliation only.

  1. SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: The Body Shop:  Vitamin C facial cleansing polish

This daily radiance revealing wash with vitamin C and aloe Vera can be used every day as a face wash. It has smaller granules than the Sea Weed  Pore Cleansing Exfoliator making it an effective skin polisher as the name suggests . If you have dull skin you would do yourself favour by trying this product out

  1. SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: The Body Shop: Vitamin E  Moisture serum

Vitamin E Is good for lifeless skin and baggy eyes, I suggest you buy the entire vitamin E range when visiting a cold country. The good thing about the body shop products is that they can also be purchased with an accompanying toiletry bag. The vitamin E range also comes in 100 ml or les bottles etc. Which are suitable for travelling

  1. Clicks: Sun Protect SPF40 (Please Note that Clicks is mostly found in Southern Africa)

I’m a firm believer in this product. Ever since I have started using it my skin has drastically improved. I can spend the whole day in the sun while the rest of my exposed body gets tanned yet my face remains unaffected. Why didn’t anyone tell me about sun screen while i was growing up? Never the less I’m happy I found out about it sooner than later. A final note: What works for me might not necessarily work for you. Choose Wisely

So that’s it Ladies and Gents 7 once again proves to be the ultimate number of perfection, for skin care

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  1. Rose says:

    This was totally helpful… I love makeup, but don’t like wearing it because I look ugly without it. I wanna be cute with and without makeup… These tips help in achieving that… #nice

    1. Rose you know ur cute .. like all the time!!! lol Stop It

  2. Im glad this helped you Rose.. I especially love the Clinique Soap… gives one that flawless finish.

  3. It is proper time to make some strategies into the future as well as it a chance to be happy. I have read through this create and if I might simply just My partner and i would like to recommend an individual few exciting things or maybe guidelines. You could may produce following articles in regards to this document. I need to read far more things about that!

    1. Hi Beauty 🙂 Thanks for your input. I Will gladly take what you have said into consideration.. please email me more suggestions.

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