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7 Reasons we are obsessed with Luthando Shosha ‘Loot Love”

  1. Luthando Shosha Is not afraid to open up about her problems. Loot recently opened up about how stressful keeping a pregnancy secret really is. celebrities lives are not always fabulous.

She talks about going through her insta and laughing about all the moments captured and posted where she knew ‘Hip & Hop’ were on the way but she couldn’t say anything. That must have been hard.
She recalls how she had to sneak out and throw up as silently as she could and carry on at events as if nothing happened. We love her honesty.

  1. Loots man is boyfriend goals and her friends are ride or die.
    So the story about the gruesome tales about hiding her pregnancy continues like this… her man would always help her!!! #CoupleGoals
    Luthando Shosha recollects: She was burning on hot days, while still keeping the growing belly a secret. Steadily holding juice in her hand (in situations where they served champagne), she would take the glass just so it doesn’t look awkward and to keep people from asking too many questions. Then after a minute or so, Siya would take it from her and sip it for her!!!

  1. Luthando Shosha is just like us, she is a lover of Vans!!!
    Vans has this incredible ability to be cool with everybody. Raise your hand if you have ever gone out to get a pair of Vans Shoes after seeing King Loot wear them. We love Vans because they easy, keep a low profile and very comfortable. The branding is not loud and a pair won’t break the bank: Even though they come fully loaded with style, history, and cool factor.

  1. King Loot, now soon to be mother is the Queen of functional style. The former Live! Presenter and current co-host Absolute Hip-hop on Metro FM has evolved so much over the years and we are loving it! We love that she keeps the same enthusiastic fashionable style in her pregnancy aswell. Some pregnant women have a tendency of dialing down a notch when with child but, we love Luthando for still giving the people what they want, in this special time in her life.

  1. Luthando is Queen of the modern Fade hairstyle.
    Hair trends come and go, but this celebrity has remained loyal to her fade cuts. We can’t imagine Luthando Shosha aka loot love with any other hairdo because this has become her signature look. But… if she did decide to change it… we would still love it. Note to self: change is good.
    Loot love rocks the fade in many different forms. Her favorite seems to be high fade.

6. Luthando is  wonder woman – reincarnate. She’s not just a radio dj, she is also a TV presenter, a model and she also has a chilled but sporty and fun personality… if you’ve ever met her, you can’t say that she was ever rude. She’s a sweet heart.

  1. One more reason we are obsessed with loot love is that she makes us also wanna get pregnant!!! Pregnancy really looks good on her. Congratulations mammi… and blessing to you and your family.

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