6lack east atlanta love letter album review
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6LACK East Atlanta Love Letter Review

6LACK’s Gold-certified debut album FREE 6LACK is an album I’ve recently been introduced to although the album release was the year 2016. I was at a musician’s house party a couple of weeks ago, and we were playing all kinds of music. The genres consisted of anything between deep house, jazz, soul, afro beats and finally R&B. It’s funny, we were all having such a good time but it was around 11 PM, between all the noise, games and conversations that my ears picked up a familiar melody. The sounds of melancholy.  The instruments I heard reminded me of a time when I was going through a lot and that kind of music helped me understand my thoughts. Melancholic melodies are  a drug to me and somewhat dangerous. Symptoms of depression are universal. Sadness is relatable. I quickly asked for the DJ to repeat 6BLACK One Way featuring T-Pain. The song that made me sit down, and pay attention

6LACK One Way featuring T-Pain is a song about a guy who is missing a girl he recently met and really likes. The relationship feels different because he is willing to fly this girl out to him, although flying girls out is not a thing he seemingly does often. It’s what a man in his position and status would do for a special person. I like this song because it shows a different side of guys. There is a saying that guys don’t invest in things they don’t value. So, when a guy spends his time, his money, his emotions on a girl, the chances are high that he is really into her. Listening to 6LACK One Way humanizes men. Makes guys appear more than just dead human beings obsessed with just sex and sleeping around. One Way by 6LACK helps women see another side of men. The more relatable side. Not just sex hungry zombie robots.

After hearing 6LACK at that party. I searched for his latest Album on YouTube and Found East Atlanta Love Letter. East Atlanta Love Letter is perfect for midnight drives, deadline distress, or thoughtful thinking during the unholy hours of the night. 6LACK isn’t bleak, but he does sound best once there is no sun in the sky. When it’s all sunny, figuratively and literally, 6LACK is not the one. 6LACK  East Atlanta Love Letter is like Listening to Adele. She sounds like she is or she was REALLY in pain when she wrote her last Album. 6LACK sounds the same but I feel like 6LACK has more impact on me personally because it’s like getting boy advice from my dad vs getting boy advice from my mom. I appreciated my dad’s advice on boys because he is a man and he told us he was speaking from experience. If my mom had said that boys are bad, I would have thought she was just being over protective or lying.

I am more of a visual consumer than an audio consumer. I listen to what I see before I hear it. I am more into YouTube than I am into streaming on iTunes, Spotify and any other  media player, media library, Internet radio broadcaster out there. My love for visual media is so deeply embedded in the core of my existence that I would rather read a book than listen to an audio book. And the only time I pay attention to anything worth paying attention to using just my ears is the radio when I am driving.

East Atlanta Love Letter doesn’t necessarily have the best visuals when it comes to videos on YouTube, and as I said,  if it wasn’t for the party I went to late February, it would have taken me longer to find out about 6LACK. Ok, so you might say that there is DSTV but guys… no time for watching new releases daily. In-between catching up on my favourite Netflix series, Real House wives of Atlanta, Fox news and working etc. Plus, im more of an Afro Beats and Pop type of girl, so R&B is never suggested to me on my Youtube.

My favourite three songs from 6LACK East Atlanta Love Letter

  1.  “Unfair”

6LACK begins by saying he hopes his mistakes won’t make him less of a man. I’m already in tears because people tend to take away a man’s manhood just because he has made a couple of mistakes.  He has a voice that’s soft, gentle, but carries enough weight to be felt. If everyone said sorry and didn’t do it again, the world would be in a better place. But, the trend is people say sorry every day and do the exact same thing the following day. So, I personally can’t take peoples audio sorrys seriously, the sorry should come with definite behavior change.

  • “Sorry”

 I hope he continues this was of singing. He’s singing his little broken heart out. The mood is easy to get lost in. 6LACK makes real relationship records. Too real for Love & Hip-Hop. It’s the kind of honesty that sounds sincere. When he sings of mistakes, you feel how sorry he is. These aren’t manufactured feelings for the sake of a song, but a song for the sake of these emotions.

  • “Seasons”

Seasons got me I my feelings. Its weird hearing men have the same kind of feelings like women. He talks about marriage, and we have all come to  expect marriage talk from girls than boys. In my life, I’ve heard this over and over again, if men could, they wouldn’t get married. Hey would have many and different sex partners through their lives. Earing 6lack talk about the commitment he is waiting for in a relationship makes me want to cry. So many questions; where have I been living.

The topic of communication is raised and how two people can make a relationship better. And that all relationships go through seasons and that both he and Khalid won’t leave the relationship but will wait for the winter to pass and summer to come.

Seasons is by far the best and most sincere song on the album.

Both 6LACK and Khalid sing as if they don’t want to and that they are both in pain. Its mesmerizing. There’s some depth to this album that should not be overlooked. Gotta sit with this one.

Throwing Pretty Little Fears in here cause i know most of you guys LOVE JCOLE.

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