5 VAPES Your girlfriend would love

5 Vapes Your Girlfriend Would Love to Get as a Present

5 Vapes Your Girlfriend Would Love to Get as a Present 

Sure, smoking on a date is not the best idea you can think of. But what about vaping? Have you ever tried smoking clouds with your partner? You know, it can be kind of…romantic. Although almost ever pedestrian will think you are some kind of jerks if you smoke clouds into each other’s faces – that is a mischievous fetish you want to keep behind closed doors. Jokes aside, let’s review some of the best vaping devices you could probably give your better half on Valentine’s Day! 

  • JWELL 

JWELL vapes are manufactured in China, but they are considered to be premium-class products and devices. They obtain high quality of details, a rather stylish design, and a wide range of colors – all of this is preserved in JWELL vapes.  

Besides smoking devices, this brand as a wide range of other products: atomizers, box mods, vapes, and accessories, as well as juices. JWELL is a popular brand because it has a wide range of colors, both for men and women. For example, PSS-V2 Pink is in a really pretty pink color (it’s a great gift if you like dating blonde women; it will enhance every girl’s beauty). It’s very compact and fits greatly into the hand; it gives you think and flavorful smoke. JWELL even has an electronic pipe. It will be a great present for those who like classic stuff. This brand has a price range from modest to very boujee and luxurious. For example, Traxx Black has two batteries. You can also adjust the level of voltage on the OLED screen.  

  • ELEAF 

The Eleaf company was established in 2013; it was a vape brand from the start. This company is a new member of the vaping community, but it already impressed customers with a comfortable weight, good quality, and reasonable price. Besides, each vape is tested in a proper way where each stage is controlled by specialists, which brings down the risk of a damaged product.  Their products also have a way of preventing overcharging, like iStick Power Nano.  


This one is perfect for all people who are about design and style. This Chinese vape company establishes a trend for the whole industry for the whole world. It appeared on the markets in 2007. Since then, the company is working on setting the world free from prejudices from vaping and Chinese products. Their vape tanks are highly reviewed by expert vape critics. If you don’t know what a vape tank is and how it differs from other vaping devices, like the slim pen, read here: https://www.atmosrx.com/blog/2019/03/13/vape-mods-vs-vape-pens-whats-difference/.  

What are their perks? They are a wide range of colors, USB and plug charging. Joytech has different voltages, for beginner and professionals. Some of them have an OLED display.  

  • SMOK 

SMOK is the choice of all vape lovers. It has good tanks, pens, and even electronic pipes. Design is usually black or white, with a dash of colors. Their style can be called minimalistic yet of very high quality. Smok vape goes with a Stick Basic Kit Silver battery (2200 mAh), an electronic cigarette with the rotating mechanism, and has two ml worth of juice. It has a thick and flavorful taste.  

Most juices are compatible with Smok vapes which have lots of flavors, such as jams, mint, honey, orange, or bubblegum. You can really choose whatever you want. If the device gets hot, an OLED screen will notify you about overcharging, so that you don’t have to worry about the whole thing blowing up.  


Kangertech is a simple and practical vape device. It is one of the biggest vape companies in the world, which was established in 2007 and spread all over the world. It has such quality certificates as ROHS, CE, SGS, and also meets ISO 14000 standards. 

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