5 quality beauty brands in south africa you must buy (4)
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The New Impulse range came in a carousel of seven beautiful scents.  But the scent that got finished first was the White Lace & Festival Fields. The Impulse White Lace and Festival Fields is one of the 5 quality beauty brands in south Africa you must buy because will make you feel invigorated with top notes of citrus fruit, tangerine and crisp apple, combined with a delicate floral heart of freesia and watery hyacinth, all grounded with a woody, musky powdery finish. Although this range was given to me by PR, I will be spending money on this range, especially the While Lace & Festival Fields.


2. I recently received the BioSilk Hydrating Therapy Maracuja Oil but this little orange bottled hair product has already changed my life! BioSilk Hydrating Therapy Maracuja Oil is one of the top 5 quality beauty brands in south Africa you must buy because it does what it says it will do. BioSilk Hydrating Therapy Maracuja Oil is rich in vitamins A & C to treat, calm and control naturally dry, unruly and damaged hair. Maracuja oil helps drench hair in intense moisture while adding brilliant shine. My hair can get really dry, so having a hair product that hydrates my natural afro hair and keeps it hydrated is mind blowing.

Since this is the first time I cut my hair in years, the memory of my natural hair was of a teenager who didn’t know anything about hunting good quality hair products. My natural solution was always, relax, relax, relax. So, I’m very proud of myself. I feel like ive educated myself a lot on natural hair using my own hair. Lesson learnt – Afro Hair does not EVER have to look dry, in turn, it can grow and really look GOOOOOD.


3. Now, before you judge the body butter, let me tell you how I judged it. When you open the Theranaka Body Butter it has a very strong but earthy, herby scent. I didn’t use it for about two weeks after it arrived as a PR Package. I started using it when the body butters I was using had run out and I was lazy to go buy some more. Wow, it was so nourishing and it quenched my skins hunger for moisture immediately.

The Theranaka EARTH BODY BUTTER is one of the 5 quality beauty brands in south Africa you must buy because

  1. it is underrated
  2. It’s a rich textured Shea butter infused with Sweet Orange and Jasmine that soothe and relax the senses, while deeply nourishing the skin.
  3. It has important ingredients like Shea Butter, Sweet Orange, Jasmine, Wheatgerm Oil.
  4. It smells very NATURAL.


4. My friend Bongi and I received the Ponds Derma+ Entire range at the launch, a couple of months ago, in Joburg. She has been posting tons of makeup free selfies and she looks gorgeous. I asked if it was ponds and she agreed. I couldn’t see my own progress when I first started the Ponds New Range but after a couple of weeks in I realized I wasn’t putting on as much foundation to hide anymore. So, there is THAT.

My Favourite product from the Derma+ Plus range is the mattifying day cream with SPF 15. You guys might not know how hard it is to find a mattifier that also has SPF. But, if you know the struggle, #High5. We as women, don’t want to get sun burnt but we also don’t wat to use sun screens that make our skin shiny so, Ponds Derma+ is the perfect product for a matte face that is also sun protected.

Ponds Mattifying day cream is one of the 5 quality beauty brands in South Africa you must buy because It targets the skin’s deepest layers, and is clinically proven to lighten dark spots within 7 days.


5. Last but not least. The Elancyl Slim Design 2 in 1 Firming Oil body oil. It is one of the top 5 quality beauty brands In South you must buy because it has worked for me. Trying on this cellulite ‘decreaser’ was a DREAM. It targets cellulite, stretch marks. It is firming and toning and it is body care.

Elancyl is a Breakthrough 2-in-1 firming product with a dual action on cellulite and stretch marks. The patented bi-phase firming formula incorporates key active ingredients to offer powerful results from as little as 7 days. Don’t expect miracles, but you MUST TRY IT.





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