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1. As most of you hip hop fans already know, the visuals for Migos Motorsport feat. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj dropped on Friday the 8th of December 2017 and the video is LIT. Motosport is catchy, chilled but most importantly cool. The lyrics are mostly about these artists cars,  and not just cars, high end, expensive,  exclusive rides like the Porsh etc.

The first verse is performed by Quavo who is then followed by Offset, who then paves the way for his girl Cardi B to rap her rhymes. The couple is sexy with Cardi B alluding to asking her man to sell the porm they made together. Mad crazy right??? Lol but so entertaining.

The third part of the song opens with Nicki Minaj and the visuals of her butt are FIRE. She says what she usually says in songs i.e I’m the greatest, bitches are my sons and talks a lot about  bum ass lace fronts. Stuff I feel we’ve heard before but in totality,  her verse was decent and the tension between the girls intriguing and the song closes with the last rap from Takeoff.

Motorsport is BOMB and can easily be hip hop song of the year. What makes this track so good is the two female features and the onscreen foreplay between CardI B and Offset. Check the Official Motorsport Video of Migos feat Nicki Minaj and Cardi B below.

2. Remy Ma got a lot of people shook when she released the visuals of Wake me Up.  The love and hip hop star went on Wendy Williams to share with viewers an exclusive first clip of the music Video.  She claimed that on that specific day, she was also watching the clip for the first time.  The short clip looked so good that fans couldn’t wait to view the whole body of work on VeVo.

When the song finally dropped it was as good as enticed. Remy Ma looked great and lyrics hot. The Introduction of Lil Kim on the Chorus was genuis as the old plus the new make for great music. What makes this song such a great track is the quality of work put into the project as well as authenticity.   Peep the visuals of 2017 hip Hop Wake Me Up by Remy Ma featuring Lil Kim on VeVo here:

3. If you’ve ever wondered why Chris Brown Questions sounds so familiar.  It’s because the song is almost 70 percent a copy cat from Kevin Lyttle feat. Maddzart and the song is called Turn Me On.    Chris Brown Questions can assist tons of New Artists in getting in the hip hop music business. Take something old and make it new.

Chris Brown Questions video features roughly the same girls who danced in his previous offering, Loyal featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga and the video looks sick.  Hot fit females wearing cool skimpy Coachella vibes outfits on a well structured song

The only issue about the track is that it’s 2 minutes long aka too short. Watch Chris Brown having fun on Set dancing to a sampled song below:

4. The only reason Bodak Yellow made this list,  might be because it was such a wild card.

When Bedak Yellow was first released, a lot of people didn’t think it would do well especially with the substandard video quality that was over saturated and didn’t look artistic at all. Until there was a hype.

Isn’t it just interesting that you will love something more when you see others loving it too??

You have a girl, she’s cute , you bring her to your friends for lunch one day and they all approve and all of a sudden you love her so much more or start noticing her even more.

Well.. that was my first take on Bodak Yellow. It was an OK song.. now it’s one of the biggest songs of 2017.

Peep the underrated visuals for Bodak Yellow below.

5. The secret to making sellable music is to in my opinion, make music that’s relatable, empowering and makes people feel good about themselves. And this is exactly what comes across when Rockstar is played

The lyrics of the track give audiences a vivid image of the lavish lifestyles that Post Malone and 21 Savage live. The track uses lines that refer to famous events within pop culture that both the artists use to describe their behaviour. Lyrics such as “the Montage” and “the Hills” are all in relation to the luxuries of living the Beverly Hills dream.

Although the lyrics have a bit of a show off tendency to them, Post Malone surprisingly comes through as confident, not cocky. It’s definitely a feel good track that makes you believe you’re on the same level as these artists as you sing along to the fun and explicit lyrics (sorry mum).This is the kind of track you need to lift yourself from a sad mood and remind everyone how fabulous you truly are. Singing along really does make you feel like you’re also living that rockstar life.  Post Malone has truly set himself up for an unimaginable potential second studio album. Peep the Video here



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