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We all like to think about ourselves as confident and desirable women but, are we really? I mean thinking about being confident is different to actually being confident… so are your perceptions about yourself just thoughts or are they real? Is confidence the ability to walk out of the house in a crop top even if your tummy does not exactly look like a victoria secret model and not caring regardless? Or could it be more than what people perceive on your outside and more on what’s done on a daily basis, inside?

I’ve seen very desirable and confident women in my life, when they walk in a room it seems like their walking on water and in slow motion, with a light breeze blowing their hair, like Beyoncé performing the remix of crazy in love. Purely captivating

Well, its easy to call oneself confident and desirable but it’s another thing to actually be confident and desirable. These are some of the characteristics of highly desirable people. Of course, there are many other traits that can be deemed “desirable.” Nevertheless, these are a few characteristics that will always draw us in.

1. Confident people love and accept themselves.

Ever heard someone complain about how not beautiful there are or how fat they are. Don’t you end up changing the way you look at them? She complained about her ‘bad’ skin, her skinny legs and her thin lips until I started believing that she actually didn’t look that great. Too bad hey, because I realized all her complaining and lack of self-acceptance were signs of a low self-esteem and poor body image. Do better people. Love and accept yourself to work and improve on your short comings.

2. They don’t chase people

Highly desirable women would rather chase their own awesomeness, greatness and bright future because they know running after people, is just a waste of time

They don’t have time for such chases because they are just too busy creating a better life for themselves. That’s what makes a person more desirable — that carefree, confident attitude. They are complete in themselves.

A friend of mine once attended a relationships seminar and she came back and shared that they asked them a very important questions. ‘Don’t women get tired of running in heels after men?’ I laughed, but quickly got called back to earth. Women spend a lot of time calling, visiting, going to, checking up on and basically running after a man who might not necessarily show as much interest in them. If a man is interested he will show you and if his feelings are genuine, he will pursue you, you won’t have to chase him, he will be chasing you. This is what men do and it’s what they always do for the woman they truly like.

Don’t spoil your expensive shoes and don’t break your little heart by allowing another person to make you feel like you are not worthy of being loved deeply and whole heartedly

3. They are not attention seekers.

You will not see desirable, confident women posting selfies constantly or changing their relationship statuses on social media with every crush, every couple of months.

Well, if you haven’t already noticed; good relationships thrive on keeping things between themselves. They don’t involve every person or aunt or uncle whenever they have problems; its a relationship between two people, not the whole world.

They don’t like to spam people with such trivialities. They would much rather be known and talked about for their real and meaningful achievements. They earn respect instead of asking for it. They believe in maintaining a mystery about their lives which only selected people can have access to.

4. They have hobbies and passions

Ever met someone passionate about something different to what you re passionate about? Its mesmerizing, listening to a person who sees their purpose in life and pursues it.

Desirable women make massive efforts to become better at their hobbies and passions. You won’t find these women constantly procrastinating. They find out what they love doing and do it with finesse. Desirable women don’t waste their lives with mindless addictions, like staring at their mobile phones all day. They use their time to take up hobbies and work on improving. Some of the most desirable women are the ones who care deeply about their hobbies. It defines them and makes them more interesting people.

5. They are fiercely intelligent

Intelligence does not always refer to IQ. Desirable women are fiercely intelligent in terms of their understanding of the world and its people.

Instead of calling to cuss someone out on why they haven’t answered a text, intelligent women think before they lash out. What time is it that they didn’t respond, maybe they are at work – something none intelligent women overlook.

Although that could be a sign of intelligence, intelligent women are not naive to the facts of life that when a person constantly fails to return a text message, that person is simply not that into them and they move on.

They have a certain kind of wisdom that comes from experience, from a plethora of mistakes and a life full of lessons. They have impeccable understanding of life and themselves — something that really adds to their desirability. They are no strangers to deep conversation.

These images represent how I always want to feel 100 percent 0f the time. Sadly c0nfidence comes and goes, but its attainable at least 99 percent 0f the time. Just Work at it

Hope this has been useful.

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