It’s not the 4th of anything but it’s definitely festive. I was lucky enough to get a gift package from 4th street wines  couple of weeks ago and for those that follow me on instagram you would have already seen the 4th street wines post. It was so exciting working with 4th street wines especially with the pink packaging. Apart from wines bottles received I also got the 4th street wines sparkling wines, floating pool duck, Ice cube racks, cocktail glasses, shades from #Rubi cotton-on and a Phillips blender plus two green lemons.

I planned to take a few pictures of 4th street wines SouthAfrica froze at the park but we chose the wrong park. We chose the union buildings!!! So here we are… not drinking… just taking pictures but what a huge mistake! We were later spotted by one of the security guards and guess what happened. We almost went to jail for ‘public drinking’, meaning (having branded alcohol out in the open).

Being the non-alcoholic I am… these drinking rules are more commonly known to regular drinkers. But… I do know that having any kind of branded alcohol out in the open is illegal but all i was thinking about that day as getting good pictures for this fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. Listen… it was a pretty picnic... and it was beautiful. But… oh well… not all things work out the way we want and some accidents are honestly just that, accidents. Imagine going to jail for not being aware of all the regulations regarding public drinking. How embarrassing.

So… word of advice… while you enjoy your 4th street froze, remember to

  1. Not drink and drive
  2. Never be seen with any kind of beer bottle on the streets or park and specially union buildings and…
  3. Be safe… let’s all reach 2017 together.

What you can do is…

  1. Create delicious 4th street wines SOUTH AFRICA drinks using your blender, Ice and lemon for that extra kick This festive season.

Stay pretty and slay all day.

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