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4 Tips on how to prevent depression

How to prevent depression: Tip 1

Seek sufficient and enough social support – depression isn’t very common in places where there is enough social and emotional support. Depression is more common in individuals who live isolated lives, away from family, unhappily single, a few unreliable friends etc. Its very important to find happy places in terms of family, loving spouse and a fulfilling life. Being surrounded by good friends and really reaching out to build good friendships cannot be stressed enough. Making friends is a two way street so individuals shouldn’t expect to be reached out to all the time, you should also do the reaching out.

Social support is very important especially when facing adversities.

How to prevent depression: Tip 2

Keep Active – Its amazing how having something to do can change a sour mood. To avoid depression be active or become an activist. It may seem difficult to go visit a relative or run an errand but only in the beginning. Put your hands to work on tasks you enjoy that are productive and edifying. Clean your house, go the extra mile at work, wash the car, go out for a movie, avoid having dinner alone, make it an event. Practice a sport or join a gym even if its just to keep your mood up and endorphins high.

How to prevent depression: Tip 3

Look sanely at the past- seek help if the past brings unhappiness, and focus on the positive that happened in the past other than the negative. Every past has positives, try find them.

And in every thought about the past, remember that the past can’t and will not be changed. Focus on improving the future, focus on the bright side. It’s easier said than done but you can become a master of thinking positively if you practice over and over again. Practice makes perfect.

How to Prevent depression : Tip 4

Think correctly – thinking is like any other habit and must be cultivated to avoid negative analysis of situations. Instead of crying over what happened, look at the brighter side of things. Instead of crying over a breakup, discover what you have gained by being free of a toxic relationship. Instead of dwelling on a deceased relative, see them as being in a better place free of pain. Etc. ALWAYS Look on the bright side of life, no matter how difficult it may be. Prolonged sadness has been documented to cause physical damage to the body.

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