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Lets do the 21 Day Raw Vegan Challenge together

Being Vegan Is something I NEVER thought I would ever do until about two weeks ago when I woke up one day and looked like $1#t. It was so bad I had to put on twice the amount of concealer than I usually put on I usually put on that day. It was bad guys… like really bad. But… Food wasn’t the only thing that made me think twice about changing my lifestyle and possibly doing the 21 Day Raw Vegan Challenge, it’s also the fact that we as humans do not drink lots of water, generally.

But how does one drink water when there are liters of ciders going down our throats already? You see, when you drink alcohol, it fools the body into thinking, ‘yep… We are hydrated ‘but.. Nah! Alcohol will drain the youth out of you!! It will and can make you look like someone’s grandmother (and I don’t even have kids), no offences to grannies, but you know what I’m saying.


And it’s not just the face that gets affected when one drinks excessively, that flat tummy you wanted in December? Forget about it.

Anyway… after taking a nap at my boyfriend’s house one day after a heavy night of partying, I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the person starring back at me, I decided enough is enough. So I’ve decided to take part in the 21 day Raw Vegan Challenge. MY FRIENDS WHERE SHOCKED… NO COOKING? NO STEAMING? Yep… it’s going to be hard but I know what I want and ill hopefully stick to the challenge and maybe and hopefully change my lifestyle for good after that.

So this is what happens during the 21 day Raw Vegan Challenge. Wat ever I eat can’t be boiled or cooked or fried, so if it needs to be fried, don’t eat it and if it needs to be boiled or cooked, don’t eat it either. Right now, as I write this post, I’m on my fourth day and things are working out ok. )Disclaimer: I’m really not doing this for my health guys, its purely for vanity, to look and possibly feel good.)


I did a quick run to the fruit shop on Monday to get all the fruits and veggies that I will be eating. I bought stuff like peaches, plums, Paw paws, Lettice, baby spinach, watermelon, cucumber, avocados, peppers, red onions, olives and olive oil etc. I thought that going raw vegan would be hard but it’s really not that difficult. After a while you get used to the taste of veggies and you thug it out.

Here is what ill been doing/ eating for the next 21 plus days.

Wake up: Drink 1 and half liters of water

Breakfast: Paw pay, Slices of Pineapple and pear or two peaches

Lunch: Huge Salad: Grated carrots, Baby spinach, half a head of lettuce, baby tomatoes, green peppers, red onion, olives and Greek salad dressing

Dinner: Same huge bowl of salad with added or different ingredients plus olive oil.

But you most welcome to join me on this 21 day Raw Vegan challenge journey, I mean I’m sharing this so that we all can prosper and look our sexy, hot selves when the clothes come off, the sun hits the thighs and the bums come out.



All images taken by @KagisoMotlhamme

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