2020 beauty trends

Top 2020 Beauty Trends you need to know

Top Beauty Trends of year 2020

2020 Beauty Trends number 1

Black is Beautiful and every shade in between. I grew up being told that black is beautiful as a way of making me appreciate my skin tone because my parents new that the black representations of beauty at the time was limited. The trend is: have a good self esteem.

2020 Beauty Trends number 2: Wear a moisturizer

 Sunscreen is as important as wearing a good moisturizer. A good moisturizer has properties that assist your skin in looking and feeling better over time. Sunscreen only helps your skin stay sun damage free but it won’t change the texture of your skin. Some good moisturizers have built in sunscreen but if they don’t, Always use A good sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

2020 Beauty Trends number 3: wear a complimentary lipstick

To look on trend and classy make sure you have lipsticks you can use for summer and lipsticks you can use for winter. I love wearing glossy lipsticks in summer together with bronzers and highlighters, not to say that these combos cannot be used in winter but some products just look better in Summer compared to winter.

2020 Beauty Trends number 4: Grow your brows

If you are not sure how to shape your eyebrows get them done by a professional. Go to a brow specialist. Its better having bushy eyebrows which you can shape using a spooly, brow pencil and concealer than having to draw everything back on? So ladies… when it comes to brows, either leave to grow out or ask a professional to shape them, you will thank me later.

2020 Beauty Trends number 5: wear or don’t wear a weave

  1. a) Moisturizing it after platting (with seal-it-up FROM Aunt Jackie’s) and
  2. b)Tell the hair dresser to NOT pull your edges when platting and
  3. c) Try not to stay too long with a protective style.

2020 Beauty Trends number 6: Use a primer

Primers help the makeup sit well on the face. The best types of primers are those that give an airbrush, Photoshop finish. i love the one from the Body Shop Insta Blur and this other one from L’Oreal, MUST HAVES!!

2020 Beauty Trends number 7: Drink water

Water is LIFE. Dehydrated skin needs a lot more makeup than supple skin. When you are blessed with supple skin you can get away with just using a light power, mascara and lipstick to any event that doesn’t require you to be glamorous.

2020 Beauty Trends number 8: Lightly bake

If you are going to an evening event and want to limit the number of times you go to the ladies to retouch your make up, make sure you BAKE. I’ve attached a link HERE on baking. It really helps with eliminating excess oil on T-zones etc and just looks great because it also assists in illuminating the under eye area.

2020 Beauty Trends number 9: Deep condition the hair

Deep conditioning hair reduces porosity – this helps you retain moisture better. This reduction in the porousness of hair occurs because conditioners have a lower pH than shampoo. Deep conditioning hair Increase softness and makes hair easier to manage.



2020 beauty trends
2020 beauty trends

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