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200 days of Summer Outfits and Summer love

I find myself writing about Summer dresses, summer style, high waist jean shorts and summer outfits more times than normal. When its winter, i complain about how cold it is and i’m always on my social media wishing the winter away and praying for the sun. So, now that the sun has finally decided to shine, i’m so happy we can wear whatever we like and not layer at all.

I also find myself writing about love, alot. The good the bad and the ugly. And, i have come to realize that love should always be given a chance. You cant close yourself off to love. You cant keep saying no because your love life, in the past, has been hysterical, uncouth-ed and downright depressing and stressful. Closing yourself to love is a sure way of becoming miserable for your entire life but, you can also become miserable when you fail to learn from your failed romances.

I am open to love regardless of the 100th failed attempt. What i do appreciate about myself is that, because i know myself so much, i can walk away from a bad relationship and i can always start over. I am one with myself and myself and me are one. My happiness doesn’t come from the outside, my happiness rises from within me. And getting a partner who compliments and feeds my flames of joy is the ultimate love partner. And sharing my soul and my body with him becomes easier when he and i are in-sync

Summer Body nudist

I love showing my body and if i was born in another era or lived really close to a nude beach, i would have gladly become an open nudist. Matter of fact , i am a nudists, but not in public or urban areas. Would i have become a nudist because i think my body is perfect regardless of its stretch marks and cellulite? The answer is YES. My love and obsession with nudity comes from being a feminist and not allowing anything or anyone try to dictate how i should celebrate my body.

So, its a mental thing. How i was raised and who i was before i started to really think critically about life and the world. I am one with myself and my flaws are part of who i am. And, i call them flaws only because YOU see them as such. But to me, i am perfect, my flaws are mine and because they are mine, they are perfect.

Summer loving

I love falling in love in Summer. Well, i love falling in love in any Season but summer is, according to me, the best time to fall in love. If you are a poet, you will agree with me that summer poetry has a more whimsical feel to it. While writing romantic poetry in winter is all good, it usually borders along ‘keeping each other cosy and warm indoors’. Lol Summer poetry is way better and doesn’t come with the ever so explicit and over sexualized lyrics.

Its easier to fall in love in Summer because there is just so much more to do than drink coffee or tea and sit in or sleep in. Summer Love is Fun Love. You can go swimming, hiking, go for a bike ride, wear cute summer outfits and have a picnic at the park, pick fruit, see an outdoor concert or watch an outdoor movie.

The Beauty about falling in love

‘I love how she makes me feel, like anything is possible, or like life is worth it’, is a saying i once heard from a person i greatly admired. And while him and i are no more, i really enjoyed the short lived roller-coaster journey we once shared. It was romantic as well as ridiculous.

We came from our own continents to a different continent and we knew we could never see each other again after we left to go back home. So we stayed three more days together, with me wishing we were simple butterflies and not human, so we could enjoy 10 more days with each other along the ocean. But those three days with lucid excitement were enough and they filled my heart with more delight than fifty common years would have ever been able to contain.

Life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims and rambling conversations.

Summer dresses

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” —Edith Head

I was absolutely mesmerized by the warm and the breeze i experienced this past weekend in the outskirts of Johannesburg. i had not experienced such awesome weather in a really long time. i got to wear the most cute, and airy outfits and i got to get a little sunburned by the sun. There’s just something about leaving your comfort zone and wearing cute summer outfits that makes me so happy.

I’m so looking forward to Summer brunches wearing plunging necklines, Rooftop dinner dates wearing floral and flowy short dresses and biker shorts and crop tops when out for breakfast. Everything was right, the sun was giving me energy and i loved being catered to and trying out all the healthy and diverse food that was made available to me available to me. The smoothies, the juices, the incredible fruits and vegetables. Everything was perfect.

Summer Outfits Ideas

  1. Oh my god, the romantic Chiffon tops.
  2. The Floral short dresses
  3. The jeans with the crop tops
  4. the long chiffon floral print dresses.
  5. The short shorts,
  6. The bralette Tops
  7. the Sexy gym wear
  8. The tribal print mini skirt

Summer Outfit of the day

When i decided to put on this Summer Outfit, i could have easily just tucked in the top. But, i didn’t. Showing skin is an artistic expression to me. Every child is an artist and the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. People are always tying to thwart or retard a persons creativity. So, although we have to wear clothes in winter, Summer is free for all. We do what we like. Whether it is chill the whole day in a bikini, or wear cute, well thought-out Summer Outfits for 200 days in the year.

The Top is

High waist jean shorts:

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins get the exact pair HERE


Sunnies/ Shades/ Sunglasses: Slaughter and FOX: Use Discount Code Beatrice60 at check out to get 60% discount on your purchase

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Rest assured i enjoyed writing it. Read more Love Stories HERE and more Fashion pieces HERE.



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