13 Instant anti-aging Beauty secrets to live by
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13 Instant anti-aging Beauty secrets to live by

1. Instant anti aging beauty secrets: Always use sunscreen:

There’s proof: Sunscreen reduces skin aging. It turns out sunscreen does more than protect you from cancer and painful sunburns — it assists in making you look young , wrinkle free for longer and full of youth. Sunscreen was initially designed to protect skin from the damage of too much sun exposure. There is a saying that black don’t crack but if ‘Black’ is pushed to its limits, it will crack. But regular use of sunscreen, whatever race, regardless of the environment, weather and heat, is very beneficial and important in helping skin look younger.

Instant anti-aging beauty secrets: After a night of heavy drinking, drink water before bed

Its easy to throw in the towel and be too drunk to even remember to drink water or take off makeup before bed or even use a condom(I know, tmi). There are some people that, regardless of how drunk they get, they will always take of makeup and even be ‘present’ during intercourse while drunk. If you are one of those, the suggestion is to include drinking water before bed so that the dehydrating effects of alcohol wont mess up the skin completely.

Drinking water before, during and after drinking alcohol will help to prevent dehydration. After a night of all the tequila, the brown juice, the shots and the ciders plus the sparkling wine, drink plenty of water  throughout the day to flush out toxins and restore your hydration levels . Dehydrated skin looks horrible. and if you can prevent it, why not.

3. Instant anti-aging beauty secrets: Drink your greens

Consuming super greens is one of the most beneficial dietary changes you can make for a healthy body and glowing, youthful skin. If you find yourself purchasing a lot more makeup or skin products than usual, consider changing your diet.

Drinking fresh fruit and veggie juice is the fastest way to allow your body to absorb all those vitamins and minerals—even faster than eating the fruits and veggies whole. Green Smoothies have several benefits over their solid forms. Your body can absorb the nutrients in a smoothie more easily because blending helps break down hard-to-digest plant cell walls. 

4. Wear sunscreen on your hands: Instant anti-aging beauty secrets

Our hands are usually our first line of defense when it comes to possible face or torso trauma. You put your hands out to protect your eyes, if or when you dont have sunglasses. And, we usually hold our arms out to protect against trauma to the torso, which has most of the major organs. We do this because your hands are more ‘expendable’ and resistant to damage than your head or torso (obviously there are exceptions to this!)

“I put sunscreen in all of my cars and I make sure to apply sunscreen every time I’m driving because my hands are on the steering wheel and they’re constantly in the sun”, Khloe Kardashian recent magazine interview. “You don’t realize how much your hands are going to age”, she adds.

5. Instant anti-aging beauty secrets: Wear face moisturizers with Vitamin E

The Body Shop Vitamin is a skin care product that i swear by. My skin is naturally none problematic and ok, but after using Vitamin E from the body shop, my skin is more supple, has less scars and just very pretty.

Vitamin E is found in many moisturizers, and the oil may be used as a moisturizer to prevent or treat dry, flaking skin. Some research suggests that vitamin E supplements may promote wound healing. It is possible that topical vitamin E oil might offer similar benefits,

6. Instant anti-aging beauty secrets: Wear big Sunglasses

According to Sunglasses Hut VP of Product Jill Waters, wearing your sunglasses even when it is cloudy can have a hidden benefit for your body. “UV rays can pierce through clouds causing harmful glare and affect our eyes,” she says. “It’s important to find sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection or try polarized lenses that virtually eliminate bright light from reflective surfaces and changes how you see. 

“Plus, sunglasses help eliminate squinting on those cloudy days too, which means fewer wrinkles and crow’s feet.” Your sunglasses are basically anti wrinkle cream only much more attractive. 

7. Exercise At lest 3 times a week: Instant anti-aging beauty secrets

“If you’re involved in regular physical activity, you are doing some really amazing things for your body,” For starters, the very act of breathing harder has an impact on better health. You breathe harder because your body needs oxygen to improve all aspects of your oxygen transport pathways, including your lungs, heart and muscles. “Exercise helps make almost every tissue in your body healthier and better.” That means feeling and looking better inside and out – a veritable fountain-of-youth effect.

8. Instant anti-aging beauty secrets: Eat a balanced diet

You can eat anything you like, and eliminate anything you think is bad for you. You can do it for a couple of days or weeks or you can do it for a lifetime, like the KETO Diet. But, remember, our bodies are made differently. Some bodies can function on fat and some need to function on carbohydrates. You can do KETO for a lifetime and have good results. But you can also do KETO for a month and be miserable the entire time. Misery raises cortisol, the stress hormone, and anything than makes you stressed for prolonged periods of time, will affect your body composition and eventually make you sick, unhealthy or unnecessarily fat.

9. Instant anti-aging beauty secrets: Love your body

Eat food that is good for you, eliminate what you don’t need but take care of your body. When you start loving you body, you start treating it with respect and love and when that happens, you start seeing good, positive changes.

10. Instant anti-aging beauty secrets: Drink at-least 3 liters of water daily

When your diet consists of high-sodium foods, the buildup of sodium can cause puffiness around your eyes and dark circles in some cases. Drinking 3 liters of water will flush out excess sodium from your body and help reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles.

11. Instant anti-aging beauty secrets: Wear semi matte lipstick

Matte lipstick looks good. But if you don’t take care of your lips, that matte lipstick will age your lips. One of the reasons why matte lipstick will age your lips its because we don’t apply ‘Vaseline’ or a lip primer before the matte lipstick. Flaky lips will make them look… well, dry and flaky and old.

12. Invest in the perfect concealer for your skin tone:
Instant anti-aging beauty secrets

Not wearing concealer is the perfect way to look way older than you actually are. Concealers can make or break a look. They can break a look if they are not the perfect shade for your skin tone and they can make a look if or when they are correctly applied and blended. In this day and age there are many brands for different skin tones. Choose the best one for you.

Applying concealer is also a point of contention. I used to blend the concealer immediately into the skin after applying, but I’ve learnt that allowing the concealer to sit underneath the eyes for a while before blending it on the skin works wonders.

Concealers ‘conceal’ anything unwanted on the skin. Use them to your advantage.

13. Try not to apply mattifying powder on top of mattifying foundation:
Instant anti-aging beauty secrets

Its become a norm to applying a powder after applying foundation. We see it in a lot of beauty vlogs on YouTube but we fail to realize that we live in different parts of the world and sometimes doing everything to the T that a Youtube Vlogger is doing is not necessarily necessary for your specific skin.

My skin is a bit oily. It gets oily during the day, on the T-Zone. SO because my skin is oily i wear a mattifying foundation. The foundation i’m currently wearing is Maybelline fit me colour 360. The foundation is so beautifully mattifying that i find myself doing only a few steps after wearing foundation: concealer and contouring. I spray with a setting spray then i only apply powder as the day wears on me and i only apply the setting face powder on the t zones.

Applying a mattifying foundation as well as a mattifying powder can leave the skin very dry. It leaves my skin very dry. And, if not careful, can lead to a layer of un-blended powder on the face, like small dust particles. Know your skin and know what it needs before following a beauty blogger religiously.

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