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Top Tips for Bikini Success: CLIFTON BEACH bikini

  1. The first tips for Bikini Success is Be confident at Clifton Beach but more importantly, be confident everywhere.: Believe in yourself. Have faith in your abilities. Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. I learnt that a while ago. When you are feeling anxious or scared, tell yourself you are not and keep telling yourself you are not scared and you soon will start to believe it. Sometimes our biggest enemy is ourselves. If you tell yourself that you are not worthy or pretty enough or fit enough to wear a bikini, it will never happen. Be your biggest cheerleader.
  2. Understand that nobody cares: I was at Clifton Beach on this particular day with my boyfriend and i think I felt self-conscious because I have an AFRICAN Bum. But as soon as I stood up from the beach chair towards the ocean. I noticed people similar to my body shape also on the beach wearing even smaller swim wear and what was even more interesting was that nobody cared. Everyone is at the beach for their own reasons and most of the time their reason doesn’t include you.
  3. There are people that envy you at CLIFTON BEACH at : If you are a bit on the thicker side I’m sure you’ve heard some of your simmer friends say, wow I wish I was as thick as you, and were shocked right? Especially when you have been trying to lose weight and you envy the same person that wishes they were you. Moral of the story; we are never satisfied and there is always someone out there envying what you have so, since we are in this struggle together, lets enjoy the Sun.
  4. Get a Bikini that fits well and hugs you at the right places at CLIFTON BEACH. The worst kind of style a person can ever wear is clothes that don’t fit. Swim wear should fit right all the time. Before you purchase any swimwear, try it on first. Don’t assume it’s going to fit then get embarrassed in the future.
  5. Stay away from fizzy drinks the month or week before wearing your bikini to avoid having a bulky tummy. Whether you are slim, fat or thick, drinking water helps to decrease bloating. Drinking fizzy drinks increases bloating regardless of your size. So, if you want to look awesome, take care of yourself. Lay off the ciders for a minute and drink water. But if you don’t care about your tummy or don’t want to take ‘flattering’ pictures at the beach or already have a great body you can skip this number. I didn’t lay of the fizzy drinks before going to the beach and I regret it. These Ten images are the nice ones from a film of about 250 pictures, all because I was stubborn and wanted to have fun in December. If it wasn’t for the many options I had for choosing these images, we would not be talking about TOP TIPS FOR BIKINI SUCCESS right now.
  6. Wear a bright bikini for good summer pictures ESPECIALLY AT CLIFTON BEACH . Yellow, orange, pinks and greens are perfect for warmer skin tones in pictures. The white and the black can be chic and stylish but the colourful will be more fun to edit and eventually post on the gram.
  7. Fall in love with your body: All these tips are useless if you don’t love your body. Fall in love with who you are, fall in love with the Person you’ve become and fall in love with your potential to be greater than today. Have fun, go out, be fearless and just flourish. Every morning say to yourself, I’m young, I’m beautiful, I’m smart and I’m cute. It goes a long way
  8. Try not to wear a bikini with logos because nobody is paying you for free advertising. People should guess or ask you were you got your bikini, not immediately know. Some things should be left to the imagination first unless its sportswear. .
  9. @ CLIFTON BEACH Choose a Bikini Top that’s secure. You don’t want to jump and ride on a wave and come out of it with your breasts hanging out and your bra top missing. Lol almost happened to me. But I Ninja’d it.
  10. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Always wear sunscreen and not just on your face, YOUR WHOLE BODY. I did the mistake of Not wearing sunscreen and I remember getting sunburned that almost looked like 1st Degree Burns. Remember when people get naked, its usually in the bedroom with the door closed. So when the skin that hardly sees the light now gets extreme light, Things go south without sunscreen. Trust me, NEVER AGAIN WILL I FORGET MY SUNSCREEN going to the beach. Black will crack
  11. Never run, walk or dive into the ocean; however shallow or deep it is, with your sunglasses on. I thought I was being cool and chic until the ocean blessed my head with a rush of salt water and within seconds, while I was under, my shades got carried away. Lesson learned.
  12. Wear Waterproof makeup: if you have to. Well, my aim was to have fun but to also take pictures. So I went for a very light and simple look with a bold lip colour from MAC COSMETICS Candy YumYum and its liquid matte sister.

Hope you find this useful.


Outfit of the day: Bikini from MAKRO

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