bonang matheba slayed 2021

12 Times Bonang Matheba slayed 2021 and its only April

Bonang Matheba slayed 2021 and its only April. If you ever get the opportunity to look for Bonang Matheba in the dictionary, you will find her name along side this description;

Bonang Matheba_ noun_ a person or thing that is very well known as being highly fashionable.

Bonang has a very remarkable fashion sense, and she is one of the most nicest celebrities I have had the pleasure to meet. Met her at The Sir John Master class which took place in Johannesburg. She is undeniably beautiful, elegant and sophisticated. Bonang can and will always look good in anything. And if what we see on social media is anything to go by, she is such a happy soul. She radiates good energy.

If there is one thing about Bonang, she WILL look stunning!! Its not even half way through the year yet, and in some parts of the world still closed because of the Panorama virus, but Bonang is out here flourishing!!! Bonang Matheba, the Queen Bee, is still hogging oxygen because the rest of us are clearly not able to breath. The Below Pictures are of Bonang Matheba slaying 2021 from January to April 2021. Its turning out to be a very Bonang year, indeed.

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