It had been a long and tiresome day at work and I was sitting at the back of the bus on my way home listening to music on my phone. Then some guy beautifully chiseled like a statue and smelling like the fresh scent of an ocean got on the bus and came to sit right next to me :-). He smiled and asked what I was listening to. I asked if he’d like to listen, he said yes.

We spoke for a couple of minutes before my stop. He then asked for my numbers and I playfully said I’d give them to him the next time I see him but I never saw him again for a long time after that.

I then met someone (FALLEN INLOVE)  ; average height and body but nothing average about his character. We went out for a couple of dates and then i noticed that I was in love. <3

  1. YOU THINK ABOUT HIM/HER A LOT: I thought about him throughout the day and thoughts about him were generally about how happy I was. (Imagine the goofy smile on my face lol not cute). I tried thinking about other things thou but to no avail.
  2. THOUGHTS ABOUT HIM/HER MAKE YOU SMILE: Every time I saw a photo of him my heart would skip a beat and I would automatically start smiling.
  3. HE/SHE IS PERFECT: I saw nothing wrong with him although I knew he wasn’t perfect, in my eyes he was the reincarnation of immaculate. He was all I had ever wanted. I saw in him no wrong and when people are truly in love they focus on the positives.
  4. CHALLENGES BRING YOU CLOSER: We would find novel ways of dealing with situations and when I was in the wrong we would always deal with what happened and I’d always be reassured that I was loved, regardless.
  5. CAN WE BE TOGETHER FOREVER: I never wanted to leave; we always wanted to be together. We would spend hours on end talking about nothing, sharing stories, laughing, eating, cuddling.
  6. YOU DO ALMOST ANYTHING FOR HIM/HER: It is easy to want to give your heart to someone and show them how much you love them. He would, for instance, give me his last R100 if he thought I genuinely needed it.
  7. CAN WE BE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE: I wanted us to be exclusive. I didn’t want anyone else to share the love that he had for me. People who are in love have strong emotional feelings coupled with possessiveness and jealousy. These emotions arise from the thoughts that your loved ones love might be shared and might seize to exist for you, thus wanting it all to oneself. (I think this is fair)
  8. IT’S NOT ABOUT SEX: When you are in love it’s not about sex. Although wanting to be sexually attached to a person is important to people in love, the craving for emotional union takes precedence.
  9. BEING IN LOVE OR FALLING INLOVE  DOESN’T LAST FOREVER: Ok don’t scream! Being in love is a none permanent state that usually follows a loving co-dependent relationship that psychologists call ’attachment’ OR  it can end in a breakup. When you can still love someone after the ‘being in love phase’ wears off then you know someone means much more to you.
  10. YOU NEVER WANT TO JEAPARDISE THE RELATIONSHIP: Sooo, I got onto the bus again one afternoon and I found the ‘stranger’ sitting on my usual spot, smiling at me. I was happy to see him too; the guy had done nothing wrong. Shortly after our little catch up was my stop and he asked for my numbers, again. I shook my head slowly and said, I’m sorry I can’t give you my number I have a boyfriend now and I don’t think he would appreciate that. Then he said, but your boyfriend doesn’t have to know. Then I said, but why would I lie to him? Then he said, but you promised. Then I replied, I’m really sorry; I do not want to do anything that would jeopardise my relationship with him. So I’m going to say no to protect his heart and keep his trust but also to protect our relationship. Then he replied, but some guys are lucky. Then I said, no, I’m the lucky one, he makes me so happy.


Ms. B

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  1. Dayo says:

    Interesting piece. True words. Love is an interesting, wonderful and heart wrenching concept.

    1. it is hey… and when you got it you want to keep it safe 🙂

    2. Thank you Dayo 🙂

  2. Benedict Magao says:

    I enjoyed the read and congratulations on the first shot where you actually look in love.

    1. lol @ben… Thanks

  3. Joseph says:

    I am glad that you’ve found happiness.

    1. lol you guys take me too literally… 😉 Its just a post, lol not my life story

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