BEYONCE FUPA. Beyonce where is your fupa
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Beyonce, where is your FUPA! How you got rid of it?

Beyonce, where is your fupa Beyonce recently launched Adidas x Ivy Park and the launch was phenomenal. Beyonce on Instagram posts whenever she wants and I am guessing she posts only and when she is being paid to do so. If South African Instagram models like Faith Nketsi mostly post when or if they are …

orange party dress femmeluxe

Orange party dress and lunch time traffic in a mini

Taking pics of the Orange party dress was difficult I asked Mpho to take pictures of me in the Orange Party Dress. When I initially asked him to take pictures of the outfit I didn’t anticipate what happened next. Ok, So its 1PM in the warm afternoon. I’m not wearing the Orange dress yet because …

peach satin mini dress

Peach satin mini dress was really a mini bodycon

When you Google ‘peach satin mini dress’ you will find a plethora of mini dresses in different colours. That’s because the colour peach is derived from the peach fruit. According to, there are mainly six types of peaches. Yellow peaches, White peaches, Freestone peaches, Clingstone peaches, Donut peaches and Nectarines. The one thing these …

nude bodycon dress
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The nude Bodycon dress and my first week in England

This Nude midi dress is absolutely Everything! I got this dress delivered to my mom’s place in England way before I touched down Heathrow Airport. I got this dress delivered to her house because I had done a ‘purchase’ previously, to ship to South Africa but unlucky for me, the clothes never got to me …