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His House is an intense horror movie that raises the bar

His House His House on Netflix is a twisted, tragic, and amazing horror movie that follows the lives of a couple, running away from a land infested with war and seeking asylum in Britain. There are a couple of interesting pointers that make Netflix HIS HOUSE an amazing horror flick. The Cast, the storyline, the …

bOITY Pink Sapphire

Boity Pink Sapphire

The Boity Perfume is here!!! Boity Pink Sapphire is a beautiful, gorgeously packaged, and wonderful smelling FRAGRANCE.  Before reading about the perfume’s notes, this is my first impression of the Perfume: Simply put, It is Floral! Base Notes and First impressions of Pink Sapphire This Eau de Parfum is floral with hints of Fruits but, …



I am not a fan of matching outfits but this peachy ensemble was a must! I saw the peach skirt in my wardrobe, grabbed the peach body suit and added the peachy sunnies with the pink and white Polo Bag. This peach outfit is perfect for Spring! Bring the Peaches! Peach Skirt The Peach skirt …