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UNAPOLOGETIC: Yellow Dress Gown Athalia Pilane


I came up with the title for this post way before I even wrote it. I’m sure I was feeling very empowered by these shorts and the sexiness that comes with them. I was like, ‘I’m not going to be apologetic about wearing these cute VestidoRose shorts, I’m going to rock them with pride’, and that’s what I did.

Siyabonga and I had decided to spend some casual time in Sandton and maybe do some light shopping. I had a hard time not getting noticed in the streets before I reached Siyabonga as unruly men kept staring at my attire. I heard mixed reactions to what I was wearing. Some people gave me compliments, while others plainly looked riley but then again, when did we become a nation that dictates what people wear? I decided not to care and painted the entire town yellow, I mean, red

I love shorts. I love how they accentuate my thighs and all in all how they highlight my legs making them look powerful, sassy and just Beatrice.

I love being a woman, I love the sexiness we get to exude, but one of the best things about being a woman is that we can wear everything. Good examples are the boyfriend jeans and boyfriend jacket. Imagine a guy wearing his girlfriend’s jacket. Let’s take a minute and think about it. But fashion is ever changing, style and esthetic constantly evolving. I would not be surprised if a well-known designer came up with the perfect girlfriend jeans, for men, if they don’t already exist. Actually the girlfriend Jean for men actually does exist. Hash Tag Bonobos. The Bonobos jeans take everything a woman looks for in jeans, and stitches it together in a way men can understand. Because sometimes a guy’s favorite jeans aren’t guy jeans at all

Whether its girlfriend jeans or the boyfriend jacket or cute yellow high waisted shorts with water melon prints that leave a lot of ones thighs exposed or parts of your butt hanging out. Wear them unapologetically.

Hugs and kisses.



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