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Afro Hair Growth: How to Treat Hair at Home

At some point in 2017 I stopped caring for my natural afro hair and hid it beneath a weave. With the receding hair-line global issue now becoming my issue aswell I thought something had to be done. So I started investing in hair products to treat my afro hair, good products to relax my hair, and hair products to maintain my hair and grow my hair line.

L’Oréal Paris in 2017 launched ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil, Curl Nourishment for afro, curly hair and that’s the products I’ve been using lately for treating my hair. Sometimes going to the Salon seems like a drag and if good hair products are available in your home, why not?

When I took out the weave a couple of days ago, I combed my hair nicely with an afro comb. I then used L’Oréal ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil Curl nourishment Three Step treatment. The THREE step L’Oréal ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil Curl Nourishment include the Low Shampoo, Curl Nourishment Masque and Curl Nourishment Oil-In-Balm.

The L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil Low Shampoo In just one simple step, washes, nourishes and detangles your hair leaving perfectly defined curls that are manageable throughout the day. Ultra-gentle wash. The texture cleanses without foaming and gently dissolves impurities without stripping the hair’s natural oils. Curls look more defined and protected against frizz. Instant detangling and infinite bounce.

The Curl Nourishment Masque with its supple buttery texture and luxurious fragrance restores softness, increases elasticity and provides intense shine to your curls.

And my favorite product from the entire range, the Oil-In- Balm instantly absorbs onto the hair, it’s not oily, neither is it dry or drying to hair. Its nourishing and softens each fiber. Curls are defined, soft to the touch and protected against frizz for 48 hours. The Oil- In- Balm Features: Silk touch, Supreme nourishment, Defined curls and Vibrant shine.

When I am tired of weaves or braids or cornrows and just want my natural beautiful hair to shine through I use Elvive Extraordinary Oils for that extra boost. This is not an ad and I’m not getting paid for it. This is just me sharing good quality hair products for afro/ curly textured hair. Sharing is caring so spread the word.

My hair is taken care off, smells good and nourished, which intern helps the edges grow back and makes hair stronger. And after a couple of days might be ready to go back into a weave, a braid or a simple corn row.


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