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I have this awesome friend; her name is Mbachi Lilian Kamwendo. MBACHI recently lost over 20 kilograms and if you want to see her transformation pictures and stuff, you going to have to ask her yourself either HERE or HERE. MBACHI decided to lose weight for whatever reason, and I’m so glad she actually did it. Not because she looked bad or anything, but because she is now an inspiration for other women who would like to get on the same weightloss journey.

In a nut shell, she stopped eating crackers, processed foods, beef, chips, sweets, sugar, a lot of salt, less meat and started eating green veggies, raw or semi cooked, green juices, and drank tons and tons of water. By the way, she lost all that weight in about a year. She wasn’t in a hurry and she did it her own way. I adore her for setting the perfect example.

Ok, weightloss is depended on a lot of things, some include age, height etc. But whatever your age, weight loss is possible.

I recently and subconsciously cut down on eating SIMBA and LAYS chips and started drinking more water. I then consciously cut down on wine and other sweet beverages. I did this for a week and continued my day to day work. I ate little bit of meat and filled my plate with green veggies and started juicing. I did this because my skin had started to show signs of fatigue and breakouts. I then remembered MBACHI’S skin and how radiant it looked when I first saw her last year after a long time… Dude, it glowed… so I wanted that same radiance. Anyway… after a week of doing what MBACHI did I realized I had lost 2 kilograms. Imagine my surprise!!! I called MBACHI this morning and asked her if she still eats LAYS and SIMBA chips (WHAT WOULD MABACHI DO) and she responded with a big NO. And that’s how I stumbled upon this miracle weight loss technique. (It’s very simple)


  1. WATER: Drink water at least two litres a day
  2. FRUITS AND VEGGIES: Eat raw vegetables, or semi-cook them.
  3. MEAT: If you going to eat meat eat one piece a day or in moderation.
  4. JUICE: Live on green juices. You can mix whatever green leafy vegetables you like with as many fruits as you like, just make sure you add water, not juice for the mixture. Green juices give energy, so if you feel a little weak, take a glass, and avoid store juices as they have a lot of sugar and additives that your body doesn’t need.
  5. TIME: Don’t eat after 7 o’clock or even earlier if possible.
  6. STOP: Eating processed foods, drinking cool drinks, alcohol, sugar and all bakeries.
  7. EXERSIZE: Do light exercises for muscle tone and for proper blood flow

All kind of food, veggies, meat, fruits can make you gain weight. So keep that in mind and control your portions and, If you are going to try the MBACHI Weight loss technique, keep us informed on your progress by commenting below. Follow Mbachi on Instagram HERE.



Cucumber with a dash of salt and Greek Salad dressing

One whole tomato with a dash of salt and Parsley

Three pieces of Lemon

Soup from last night’s boerewors dish

Green Smoothie: 2 cups of Spinach, 2 bananas and 1 Mango with 2 glasses of Water.

mbachi weight loss technique dinner



Cucumber with salt and Greek Salad Dressing

Half Cucumber

Chicken livers with Mixed Veggies

Green Smoothie and Green Tea (LOL Going green)

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