I’m a HUGE fan of Liam Neeson. Matter of fact, I’m such a huge Fan of Liam that I would love to meet him one day but, as others say, NEVER MEET YOUR HEROS. Liam Neeson is one of those actors who just kill every role they get and the role in THE COMMUTER is no different. You don’t see the colour of his skin, neither do you see his age, you just see a character and forget that’s its actually Liam playing a scene. FYI I’m so in love with Liam Neeson voice that sometimes I watch his movies just to hear him talk. Man Crush EVERYDAY.

The Commuter Movie is a movie that doesn’t have Block Buster appeal. In my opinion, it falls in the same categories as The Adjustment Bureau with more thrills. If you enjoyed The Adjustment Bureau then you will enjoy this movie.

The movie starts off on a medial pace and gradually introduces you to the thrill. The Commuter is for thrill seekers, guys that love sitting on the edge of their seats, and those that love to listen to those that tell stories. I really loved watching this movie from the beginning till almost the end. I didn’t like how it ended but maybe you might.


2/3 Story Line: The story line is fresh, almost leaning towards the Bourne identity but not quite. I loved how human Liam Neeson is in this movie.

2/3 Cinematography Graphics: There is little to hardly any CGI in this movie but where it finally appears, even if it’s for two seconds, it’s worth the wait.

2/3 Acting: Liam Neeson does the Commuter character much justice. He’s obviously a good actor but then again, I’m biased when it comes to him.

1/1 With everything thing taken into consideration I would recommend the movie to anyone looking for a chilled and laid back, none super here, action/drama movie. Think Derailed; think the Girl with the dragon tattoo, think The Bourne Supremacy.

The Commuter: 7/10 Muses

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