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Ke Dezember Boss: JC Le Roux Collaboration with Funky Florals is Brand Magic

Its mid-December and its already lit. I say that because I have received so many PR Packages but could not share them with you guys. I’ve been super busy. I have, however, been sharing tons on beliciousmuse social media. So, if you are interested, follow, share like and subscribe to beliciousmuse Instagram, Facebook and twitter and witness the shenanigans. Anyway… because i have so much to share, I’m going to start from the most recent PR package and work my way backwards. I recently received a beautiful delivery from JC Le Roux #CelebrateYourRadience (South African Sparkling wines) and Funky Florals. They sent me the La Chanson Radiance Collection Limited edition bottle plus a pair of sneakers from Funky Florals. JC Le Roux same whatsapp group with Funky Florals shoe company, is brand magic.

best premium jc le roux south africa sparkling wines collaboration funky florals shoes

Premium Sparkling Wine isn’t hard to find but wine that taste this good is exclusive. I don’t care what you say, when I want to feel boujee but don’t want to break the bank, I ALWAYS go for JC Le Roux, South African sparkling wines. Last December in Cape Town, we got vodkas, gins, ciders etc. but JC Le Roux was always there in the mix.  The House of JC Le Roux is perfect for chilled Sundays, a Saturday night out, and good vibes on FRIDAY. But… Ke dezember BOSS. Every day is sparkling wine day.

best premium jc le roux south africa sparkling wines collaboration funky florals shoes

I feel blessed to always receive brand items that I really love. I mean, why would I write a post about a wine brand I wouldn’t buy or do not care about? So, whenever I get something in the mail, I cross fingers, hope it’s something I already use, eat or drink. So far, my faith has shown me wonders. Ninety percent of the time, I get what I put out to the universe. JC Le Roux does the things that need to happen. If you are into the tastier, very palatable semi-sweet South African sparkling wines, The House of JC Le Roux has some of the best South African Sparkling wines. Their limited bottles for the holiday season are from their Vivante Selection.

best premium jc le roux south africa sparkling wines collaboration funky florals shoes

The one I got is A lively, ruby-red sparkling wine with a delightfully sweet palate of strawberries and plums. This exceptional allow-alcohol sparkling wine will add exuberance to any occasion. The fun thing about  J.C Le Roux is that you can also pick from the none Alcohol range. #SomethingForEveryone

The new limited edition House of JC Le Roux Selection Vivante is in collaboration with Funky Florals, a proudly south African, onlinefootwear boutique.  The high end Funky Florals pair of shoes that I got, fit me perfectly. And, that’s what I love about Funky Florals even though this is my first item from Funky Florals. When you order, they will send you your perfect size so there won’t be a need to return them. You can order your Pair HERE and brows somemore HERE

best premium jc le roux south africa sparkling wines collaboration funky florals shoes

I’m having such a great summer thanks to Funky Florals for the Kicks and J.C Le Rous for the booze.



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