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“If you had a person in your life treating you the way you sometimes treat yourself, you would have gotten rid of them a long time ago…” But you cant get rid of yourself, you can only change your mentality… So i dare you… 

I dare you to  Love your Lips: Kiss someone today who deserves your love. ( Dont be scared)

I dare you to love your eyes: Look at something today that grabs more than your everyday attention then take a picture of it and share.

I dare you to love your eye brows: Brows over the hate that people will throw at you today, let it miss you. Like a present you don’t want, don’t accept it in your life, don’t let it phase you.

I dare you to love your cheeks: Read something interesting, embarrassing or awkward today something to make you blush. #DontBeNaughty

I dare you to love your nose: Go home and smell  your person from head to toe, take it all in, memorize and remember how they smell like

I dare you to love your eye lashes:  Blink away the tears that fell yesterday, start a new day today, yesterday is gone but tomorrow can still be changed.

I dare you to love your face, all your flaws, all your imperfections then once you’ve loved your defects love your perfections,  enhance your face with a smile, some rest , a little carefree attitude, a little leaving your work at work,  a little healthy eating, a little exercise, a little shopping ,a little prayer,  a little spending time with good friends, a little make up .. a lot of fun.

I dare you to love yourself: Feel every part of your face, your body, your beauty and say to yourself: I AM IMPORTANT! I AM BEAUTIFUL! I AM A STAR!!






Lips: First started with a little bit of Vaseline. followed with the berry INGLOT 412 and finally the MAC CANDY YUM-YUM on top of the INGLOT but more inside the lips,  to give it an in your face kinda Pink.

Eyes: Rimmel London Liquid eyeliner and Rimmel London Scandalous eyes mascara

Eye Lid:Dis-Chem matte nude pallet eye Shadows ( Brown)

Eyebrows: Clinique Concealer and Rimmel London Brow this way kit.

Contouring: Used the  Dischem Eye Shadows for contouring (came out pretty well)

Foundation: Clinique Liquid Foundation in the colour Sienna



1. First applied tissue oil

2. IQ Sun Screen

3. Translucent powder/ Baby powder / Talcum powder to take away the oiliness or shine

4. INGLOT Cosmetics Face Powder

5. Used the Body Shop bronzer for the cheeks and a little to highlight the contour.




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