Rihanna Manolo

Manolo is not Rihanna Surname, it’s the name of the Shoe company she collaborated with in designing these top of the range expensive denim shoes with studs. The Rihanna Manolo collaboration is made out of jean fabric with a whole lot of shiny and expensive stones.  I personally don’t like wearing denim shoes because of how hard it is to clean those damn things. I mean you can’t exactly put Denim shoes in the washer can you? Nope… not me… not us.

If you are THAT girl and wanna spend 900 dollars on a denim shoe then go right ahead. Just read the fine print and take good care of them. Should be worn with  care, and not just everywhere ( Please don’t wear them at a party ko kasi in mamelodi ,  in the middle of summer,  where chances of rain is 90 percent. Wearing them there just equates to disaster.

So Rihanna co-designed the famous Manolo high waisted boots… only available in about 5 or 10 stores in the intire world  ( not available in south africa) and also worn by Jennifer Lopez in her  recent video “I ain’t your mama “.

So what does the Rihanna Manolo shoe collection mean for South Africans and Africans as a whole?


1.  The Rihanna Manolo boots don’t Cater for the diffent thigh sizes of African Women. ( would be a nightmare to get a size) unless they custom make them.

2. Rihanna Manolo collection price range between 600 dollars to a little more than 1000. ( those who can’t afford, will have to wait for the knock offs) lol serves MANOLO right for being so exclusive.

3.Manolo don’t ship anywhere… so if you bollin, you can get on a plain and get your exclusive pair of shoes.

My question now is… why get a shoe they clearly don’t want you to have. Hhhmmmm.


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