Purple eye shadow and growing afro hair essentials (1)
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Purple eye shadow and growing afro hair essentials

Some information on growing Afro hair essentials and the purple eye shadow look and what products I used on my face.

When i first decided to cut my relaxed hair and start afresh with growing pure, virgin, unprocessed natural hair, i new that my makeup routine would probably change. With longer hair, be it braids, weave , wigs and even long dreadlocks, you can get away with not wearing as much makeup because the hair “covers” most skin flaws. The facial skin flaws I am talking about are simple pigmentation issues, bags-under-eyes and semi-dehydrated skin. When one goes balled, or has really short hair, your face becomes really bare as their is no more hair to use as a shield. If your skin doesn’t look good as a girl with short hair, its almost immediately noticeable.

I went on a girls night out with Kaboomo a few weeks ago and i decided to test out my short natural hair to the public. I wanted to know if id get as much attention from guys with my Afro or if i would attract a different kind of man now that I’m rocking short hair.

Well, the experiment required a whole lot of make-up, a very short dress and A LOT OF CONFIDENCE. I had to motivate myself in the mirror and i kept talking myself out of not going. Finally ordered an UBER, cause i don’t drink and drive, and threw caution to the wind.

The night went well. My skin looked great, my hair wild and bushy with untwisted dreadlocks, my dress did what short dresses do – assist me in showing off another awesome feature on my body ( my legs), and my confidence at 100%. I had an awesome night, with the usual male suspects offering to buy us drinks. Although looking glamorous is often associated with long hair, glamour is an accentuation of facial features. Eyelashes, lipstick, cheekbones, skin etc.

The Essentials for Growing Afro Hair

My growing Afro is assisted by three things.
1. Leave in conditioner for softness
2. Castor oil for anti breakage and
3. Water… now and then. Cause i treat hair like grass.

Can you use Hair and Skin Vitamins?

For those that have generally, deep rooted, genetic problems with growing Afro, i suggest to take hair vitamins from clicks or Dischem . I’ve used Dischem skin vitamins before and don’t allow people to lie to you, skin vitamins are essential for gorgeous skin. FYI : I’m pretty sure the Kardashians drink skin and hair vitamins. You can’t look that good from just drinking three liters of water a day ( although its beneficial and does wonders for your looks) . Take supplements if you must.

The purple eye shadow look.
For this purple eye shadow look I’ve used a purple eye shadow palette ( smitten) from MUD south African.
The lashes are Huda Beauty 3D lashes
The lip is a nude from Mac-cosmetics: its the Liquid Lipcolor – SO ME.
Foundation is colour NW45 from Mac-cosmetics p.s but its a bit too light for me, had to darken it with a L.A girl concealer Mahogany (in store), get Dark Cocoa Here.
For bags under eyes i concealed with
L.A girl concealers in shade chestnut and toffee. Both at Dischem
For brows i used a mascara and black brow pencil and L.A Girl concealers.

Purple eye shadow and growing afro hair essentials (1)
Purple eye shadow and growing afro hair essentials (1)

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