I grew up taking baths and using soups. We weren’t that boujee growing up, my parents were and  are still normal. Its only when i started expanding my friends, going to varsity and meeting new and interesting people in my teens that i understood the power of a body wash, compared to simple soup. I had tried using a shower gel / body wash sometime before this evolution but in the back of my mind, soaps did the work best and shower gels didn’t make you as clean as soaps did. Lol you wanna know why i thought so? Well, its because when you bath with soups, the bath becomes filled with soap scum when you are done but when you use shower gels or body washes in showers or baths, the bath is hardly dirty. The reason for shower gels not leaving too much residue when  taking a shower or a bath its because Soap bars are cold pressed saponified fats, made with lye -(either sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide or a combination of both). hhhmmm…. #FoodForThought. LUX TEMPTING WHISPER has both bar and shower gel so you can pick and choose which one you prefer and which one you like.

Ok, so I have been using the LUX purple  shower gel and i love it. But I loved recently started loving the LUX tempting whisper even more because the tempting whisper smells not just like flowers but perfumed flowers. Leaving the bath room has gotten very hard for me, especially when I’m using the shower. Anyway… i know that LUX tempting whisper is not freely available in some stores  so what I can encourage you to do, is simply call the shop before you visit and ask if they have the LUX Tempting whisper before you waste your time.


  1. New Lux Tempting Whisper  is a seductive signature scent, created by expert perfumers

2. Your signature scent says so much about you without saying a word. With Lux Tempting Whisper – a seductive body wash expertly crafted by the world’s best perfumers – you can make an impression on those around you.

3. This sophisticated statement fragrance taps into the latest floral fragrance trends with its hero ingredients being wild peony and ylang ylang. Tempting Whisper is the latest creation from the Lux Fine Fragrance Range. It’s an exclusive collection of uniquely formulated body washes infused with Fragrance Pearls™, which are tiny capsules containing a blend of the finest perfume oils for a scent that lasts long after you’ve stepped out of the shower.

4. Inspired by exotic blossoms at the peak of their bloom, Tempting Whisper was created by world-renowned expert perfumer Nicole Mancini. “I’ve chosen a selection of the trendiest, most sophisticated fine fragrance ingredients. White florals such as wild peony, tuberose, and ylang ylang exquisitely combined with intoxicating jasmine and a base of white musk leaves your skin smelling irresistibly sensual,” says Nicole Mancini.

5. Having produced some of the world’s most iconic fragrances, Nicole is only too aware of the incredible impact scent can have on ourselves and everyone around us. Nicole says, “Scent has a direct link to the brain conjuring up memories with a particular smell. That’s why nothing quite stays in your mind like a fragrance that you love – it’s addictive.”

6. As well as its unforgettable fragrance, Tempting Whisper leaves your skin feeling and looking incredible. According to PR Manager at Unilever Personal Care: Sphelele Mjadu, “The sensuous lather of Lux Tempting Whisper leaves your skin exquisitely perfumed for a luxurious treat that you can experience every day. I can’t wait for women across South Africa to try itso that they can enjoy how amazing it makes them feel.”

7. Packaged with a beautiful pink peony to bring this captivating floral scent to life, Tempting Whisper is available in South Africa this March, with a scent proven to last for eight hours – offering a luxury fragrance experience that lasts all day.



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