market at the shed 012 pretoria

Market at the Sheds: 012 Central

A social market is a visually stimulating place where people go to show who they are, free from the hindrance of social norms. They get to mingle with like minded people, searching for gems by stalls that offer a plethora of different items that appeal to different personalities.  It’s a place where young and old alike go and spend a couple hours of their lives, buying items they previously would not have had the access to. Or, go listening to music they have never heard before, while eating food that’s not sold in Shop-rite, checkers or Woolies or any supermarket.

012 Central provides the ever so curios mind with the space to explore their curiosity and Satisfy their wanderlust-ing tongue with fresh spices from different parts of the county. It is a place where the weird and unusual is sold, or the common, but slightly different dresses trade.

Market at the Sheds is a place where you can find a bit of almost everything. I saw stalls of beautiful African Ankara Bomber jackets, saw some accessories created from recycled materials. I saw food, African print t-shirts, cute African inspired graphic Tees, some more food, more drinks, beautiful atmosphere, a live band and the list goes on.

My first experience with Market @ the sheds was in Johannesburg 4 years ago. I was on a date and he took me there. At the time, The Joburg Market at the Sheds didn’t have a live band, but I’m not too sure now. It’s been while. I will say though, that the stall owners sold a variety of food from different countries in Africa. I left the Johannesburg Sheds feeling very fulfilled because it felt as if I had been transported to different parts of Africa, in a short amount of time, 3 hours to be exact. At the time, I wasn’t drinking any alcohol but at this Pretoria Market, it was no different. I didn’t drink any Alcohol. I was tempted though, market at the Sheds is just so much fun, but I decided not to drink anything because I had gym the following morning. HOORAY TO SELF-CONTROL AND SELF-DISCIPLINE. My momma will be proud.

Outfit of the Day

I wore a blue Bodysuit to the sheds:  Its easier wearing body suits if you don’t want to keep tucking in your shirt, top or blouse.

Blue legging pants.

A blue jacket from Dorothy Perkins

and Van Gogh limited edition VANS sneakers.

When I received the email about a week ago, informing me about the 012 Market at the Sheds.  I was lucky.  I always want to go to these Pretoria markets but I usually miss the day and time. Sometimes I arrive at Market at the Sheds when it’s almost overe, late in the evening and sometimes I arrive at Market at the Sheds on completely the wrong day. So, for those of you interested in showing your faces at Market at the Sheds, they will be trading from 9 AM on these days.

2 March 2019

30 March 2019

27 April 2019

25 May 2019

29 June 2019

27 July 2019

31 August 2019

28 September 2019

26 0ctober 2019

30 November 2019

Leave a comment and tell me about your experiences.



market at the sheds 012 Pretoria Tshwane markets
market at the sheds 012 Pretoria Tshwane markets
market at the sheds 012 Pretoria Tshwane markets
market at the sheds 012 Pretoria Tshwane markets
market at the sheds 012 Pretoria Tshwane markets
market at the sheds 012 Pretoria Tshwane markets

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