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Getting the perfect shade of beautiful lipstick isn’t  always easy.  Most of the time you will have to mix two to three different colors to get the perfect shade for your lips and especially for our skin tone. I found out that the perfect shade of nude goes perfectly with a little bit of pink or, pink goes perfectly with a little bit of nude. The Beauty of it all #HappySigh 🙂

I used the Revlon Lip Crayon in the color 025 as my base and went over slightly with the Nude lipstick form MAC for brown women which is called Persistence. While I do say this one is perfect for dark skin girls, its also perfect for other skin tones. Whats important when visiting a Mac Counter in any mall is to try on the different shades by yourself.

So in a nut shell: how to get the perfect bombshell nude, pink, omber color is to mix a nude with a bright pink. The Revlon Crayon has a shiny satin finish, while the Mac Nude Lipstick in the color Persistence is matte. This look also goes well with a nude to subtle orange eye-shadow and blush.

Tip: Always wear the darker color first. This is because your lips are naturally lighter in the center so wearing the lighter color in the middle helps the lips appear more natural.

Thank me later.

Nude Lipstick:MAC MAKEUP Cosmetics




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