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A sane woman’s network is a group of women that come together once in a while and discuss current events, books, education, beauty, inspirations and all sorts of pretty female things. This was the launch of the book club and it was fantastic. It was a pleasure to get a call from founder of a Sane woman’s Network, Lesego, inviting me to be a guest speaker and talk about a book that has inspired me ( How to be a woman of Influence), and advice to someone who is looking to investing in a future online.

Lesego is all about women empowerment. She believes that we as women should stand together and empower each other which is in all honesty lacking in our present societies. Women don’t want to see other women prosper or rather; people don’t want to see other people prosper. You can be prosperous but not more prosperous than them. #Humanbacteria

I was ecstatic sitting next to a fellow blogger, Yolisa from . Her energy, while talking about spirituality and God made me feel like I was in Church. I read once, when someone has a personal relationship with God you stop seeing the human, you start seeing God through them.

Yolisa touched on a subject a lot of women struggle with. ‘How do I get married when I’ve been hurt so bad’ , but after talking to God she was able to heal, forgive and move on. #GodReadHerBlog

The Guest Author for the day was the handsome Thabang Tlaka author of Corrupting Virgins: a thrilling story about a character that’s bullied for still being a virgin. He is also a clinical psychologist. Just goes to show that sometimes we follow career paths not necessarily because we want to but because we have to pay the bills. He is, by the way, happy in his occupation I just had to point that out.

Being a guest speaker was awesome. At first I thought id be very nervous, and I was, a little. The thing is, I live and breathe blogging, making it a huge passion of mine. So when im asked to talk about it, it feels like I’m just having a passionate conversation with my friends.

The book that’s inspired me and keeps inspiring me is: How to be a woman of influence: Lessons from 20 of the Greatest. This book holds priceless lessons from 20 amazing women. Each lived according to her strong felt beliefs and, in turn, affected positive change that will last through lifetime. My favorite quote from the book is from Helen Keller – Face your deficiencies and acknowledge them but don’t allow them to master you. Join the Network: Sane woman’s Network.


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    Zinhle says:

    Who’s the author of that book?I will like to get a copy for myself.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Zinhle. .. I’ll send you a link soon. 🙂

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    Having Beatrice Banda as a speaker was a great achievement in uplifting and building woma,.Your confidence in talking about your blogging experience as well as the book that has inspired you, left the audience with an awe.

    Your work is clean and authentic. Keep it up!

    1. Avatar

      Hi Lesego. Thanks so much for your positive feedback. .. and thank YOU for the platform to speak. The world needs more women like you. #foreverAppreciated

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