Fashion has to move forward. Everything has to evolve and this is from a quote from the movie ZOOLANDER 2. The scene is one were the guy enjoys just chilling with his partner but the partner doesn’t want to just chill anymore, she wants more, stability, a baby etc. But this guy is not ready yet and so she says, everything has to evolve, we can’t stay the same. And those are my sentiments for the following collection. Grapevine has managed to transcend from just a gorgeous fashion show to the future. This is what women will still be wearing five years from now . The pieces seen on the grapevine runway at Johannesburg fashion week  were amazing. The colors feminine, the silhouettes unique and the cutouts on perfect places on the garment. Check more of her fashionable designs from Mercedes Benz JOHANNESBURG FASHION WEEK 2016.


Tuelo Nguyuza showcased his sophisticated bright and whimsical collection at this year’s JOHANNESBURG FASHION WEEK  that was held in Sandton. The Fashion line consisted of a couple of awe and breath taking pieces. What I loved most about Tuelo’s fashion taste is his use of different fabrics on the same garment. Most designs are either made out of one fabric, or a similar mix like spandex and polyester, but no… Not Tuelo. He used a clever array of matte fabrics with a mix of what looked like shiny turned-up  types of cotton. What I also enjoyed from his collection was the hand bags that came with the fashion; bold and in your face. Check out more of Tuelo’s Collection HERE and HERE.





Tsotetsi KL showcased a very feminine and soft female collection. Soft, here, meaning delicate and pink. The brand produced a collection with a lot of ruffles, color, feminine silhouettes, and delicate finishes. What I love about any collection designed for women is the inclusion of classy and classic pieces. The pieces worn by the models are not too futuristic and embody the term ready to wear well. See more of his collection HERE, but below are the ones I fell in love with.

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